Gerrebos, Andre Virgile (pseud: Lew Andrini ; Andrini Gerrebos) 1899-f1953 Belgium, ? - ?, ?
, 1920 member of Societe des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques Paris, 1930-1936 active in Paris France, 1936 as composer member of Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM) Paris, 28.sep1949, 2.dec.1949, 18.aug.1950, 16.sep.1950 and 31.jan.1951 he appeared as solo pianist and with his Orkest 'Melody and Rhythm' in his own programs on Vlaamse Radio Brussel ; younger brother or son of Laurent Gerrebos (pseud: Andrini)

Title Parts

[] Le Docteur Cric-Crac. Operetta in 1 act. Theatre Vieux-Bruxelles, Brussel 21may1915
by Laurent and Andre Gerrebos

[] Chanson d' amour (Canzone d' amore)
paroles de Laurent Gerrebos, musique de Andrini Gerrebos
pub Edition Nationale, Brussel Belgium 10may1927

[] Salt and pepper. Hot fox-trot
music and special arrangement by Andrini Gerrebos
pub H. Benjamin, Paris 1930

[] Old trombone player. Fox-trot (with hot violin), pour orchestre, avec piano
music Andrini Gerrebos
pub H. Benjamin, Paris 1930
pub (with hot violin) Edition H. Benjamin, Paris 1932

[] Chinatown. Foxtrot. Orchestra
music Andrini Gerrebos, of Belgium, copyright 12may1931
pub Edition H. Benjamin, Paris 1931

[] Panama. Foxtrot. Pour orchestre avec piano. 1935
music Andrini Gerrebos
copyright claimant Andrini Gerrebos 2apr1935
pub Kurt Schauer, Paris 1935
pub Metropolis, Paris 1936

[] The golden xylophone. Orchestra
music Lew Andrini (pseudonym of Andre Gerrebos), arr Glen Powell (pseudonym of Felix Robert Faecq (1901-))
pub World Music Co., Brussel 15aug1953

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