Goetz, Angelina Levy (pseud: Angelina) 1830-27.aug.1901 England, London Finsbury - Kent, Otford
pianist, teacher of dancing, 1851 residing with her parents, 6 siblings, governess and 3 servants at 57 Doughty Street in London St Pancras, 1871 residing with her husband, 4 children, nurse, housemaid, cook and kinder nurse at 26 Palace Gardens in London Kensington, 1881 residing with retired husband, 4 children and 7 servants (governess, nurse, parlormaid, kitchenmaid, 2 housemaids, cook) at 66 Gloster Gardens in London Paddington, 1891 widowed she was with her son and a servant on vacation at lodging house 41 Marine Parade in Brighton and residing at 18 Hyde Park Terrace in London, 1901 residing with adult son and daughter and 12 servants (3 parlormaids, 3 housemaids, housekeeper, cook, cellerymaid, kitchenmaid, houseboy, maid) at 18 Hyde Park Terrace (where 12 servants were not exceptional), she died at Beechy Lees Road in Otford while residing at 18 Hyde Park Terrace ; daughter of printer/proprietor of the 'Sunday Times' and 'The Daily Telegraph' Joseph Moses Levy (London 15.dec.1812-12.oct.1888 London) and Esther Cohen (London 1816-2.mar.1884 London) ; 1859 in London Marylebone she married wine merchant gentleman Edward Ludwig Goetz (Germany, Frankfurt 6.sep.1822-2.nov.1882 at Cannon Street Railway Station on his way home from Ramsgate)

Title Parts

[] Marche funebre, for the funeral of the late Duke of Wellington. Piano. op14
pub Jullien & Co., London 1852

[] Absence "My love, alas, is far from me" ("Celui que j'aime est loin de moi"). Romance. op28
words Madame de Montemerli
pub Jullien, & Co., London c1870

[] Solitude. Die stille "Es weiss und rat es doch keiner". Lied
as performed by Herr Koenig at M. Jullien's Concerts
gedicht von Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff, mit englischer ubersetzung von George Linley
pub Jullien & Co., London 1848
pub Pietro Mechetti, Vienna 1849

[] 6 Deutsche gesange (mit unterlegtem englischen texte)
pub Mechetti, Vienna 1850
pub Jullien & Co., London 1850
[] 1 - Standchen, von Uhland
[] 2 - Schwedisches wiegenlied, von Sallet
[] 3 - Gebet um frieden, von Immermann
[] 4 - Fischlein im Rhein, von Bechstein
[] 5 - Das sterbende voglein, von Kuhn
[] 6 - Das bleiche bild, von Ruckert
[] My dream through all the night art thou (Du bist mein traum)
english words John Oxenford
pub Jullien & Co., London 1854

[] Polka-mazurka, new russian dance. Piano
dedication : taught by Mme. Angelina & respectfully dedicated to Miss Howel
pub No. 139 Royal Street opposite St. Louis Hotel, New Orleans. Sold in the dancing academy of Mme. Angelina, c1855

[] Weisse rose (The white rose). Lied
pub B. Schott, Mainz 1857
pub Jullien & Co., London c1870

[] The river and the star. Song
words Shirley Brooks
pub Cramer, Beale & Co., London 1857

[] Sir Marmaduke. Song
pub Chappell, London 1858

[] The dream is over. Song
words Shirley Brooks
pub Jullien & Co., London c1865

[] Oh thou gentle summer air. Song
translated from the Moorish by Lady Bulwer
pub Jullien & Co., London c1860

[] Fare thee well (Lebewohl). Romance
english words John Oxenford, from the german by Ludwig Uhland
pub Jullien & Co., London c1865

[] Farewell "When dark fate". Song
words J. J. Callanan
pub Hammond, London c1870

[] A puff of smoke. Musical dialogue
words Charles J. Rowe
pub Chappell & Co., London 1876

[] The village well "Two lovers in the fading light". Song
words Clement W. Scott
pub Lamborn Cock, London 1876

[] How peaceful is the night. Song
words C. E. Rose
pub Chappell, London 1877

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