Gorecki, Henryk Mikolaj 6.dec.1933-12.nov.2010 Poland, Czernica - Katowice

Title Parts

Symphony no2 "Copernican". Soprano, baritone and orchestra. 1972. op31
Elena Xanthoudakis, Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra / Eugene Tzigane

Symphony no3 "Lamentations" "Sorrowfull songs". Soprano and orchestra. 1976. op36
bad perf.: Dawn Upshaw, London Sinfonietta / David Zinman. Nonesuch 79282
best perf.: Lynne Dawson, Vlaams Radio Orchestra / Bjarte Engeset
[rem: comparing both, Upshaw sings in a light and 'singing' manner while Dawson sings in a real lamenting and deeply touching way. Dawson gives me the creeps, while Upshaw can hardly touch me]
1 - Lento, sostenuto tranquillo ma cantabile. 15th cent lament of the Holy Cross monastery
* 2 - Lento e largo, tranquillissimo. Prayer of 18 year old Helena Wanda Blazusiakowna inscribed on her Gestapo cell wall
** 3 - Lento, cantabile semplice. Folksong from Opole
4 Preludes. Piano. 1955. op1
David Arden

3 Pieces in old style. Orchestra. 1963
Refrain. Orchestra. 1965. op21
Polish National Orchestra Katowice / Jan Krenz
1 - Very slow
2 - Very fast
3 - Very slow
Concerto for harpsichord and string orchestra. 1980. op40
good perf.: Elzbieta Chojnacka, Radio SO Saarbrucken / Michael Stern. 1999/5/16 Congress Hall Saarbrucken
bad perf.: Elzbieta Chojnacka, London Sinfonietta / Markus Stenz. Nonesuch 79362
** 1 - Allegro molto
** 2 - Vivace
Concerto for piano and string orchestra. 1980. op40
same as Concerto for harpsichord
Anna Gorecka (daughter), Amadeus Chamber Orchestra / Agnieska Duczmal
[rem: played on piano this concerto does not impress at all]
1 - Allegro molto
2 - Vivace
Kleines requiem fur eine polka. 1993. op66
London Sinfonietta / David Zinman. Nonesuch 79362
1 - Tranquillo
2 - Allegro impetuoso, marcatissimo
3 - Allegro, deciso assai
4 - Adagio cantabile
Good night "In memoriam Michael Vyner". Soprano, alto flute, 3 tam-tams and piano
Dawn Upshaw, London Sinfonietta. Nonesuch 79362
1 - Lento (adagio), tranquillo
2 - Lento tranquillissimo
3 - Lento, largo: dolcissimo, cantabilissimo
Miserere. Choir a capella. 1981. op44
Cracow Choral Society / Malgorzata Orawska

5 Marian songs. Male choir and mixed choir. 1985. op54
Polish Radio Choir / Wlodzimierz Siedlik

Totus tuus. Prayer to the Virgin. Choir a capella. 1987. op60
Jutland Chamber Choir / Mogens Dahl
Chamber Choir Versija / Juris Vavoids. Jade 36127

Piesn rodzin Katynskich (Song of Rodziny Katynskie). Hymn. Choir. 2004. op81
Polish Radio Choir / Wlodzimierz Siedlik

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