Gorter, Klaus 1901-1983 Netherlands Limburg, Meerssen - ?, ?
electronic producer, initially followed training as teacher at a college of education, teacher of mathematics, mainly autodidact in music, after 1964 after his retirement as teacher he followed three years courses in electronic music with Gottfried Michael Koenig at the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, 1964 residing in Utrecht he was producer at the electronic studio (Instituut voor Sonologie) of the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht and the CEM (Contactorgaan Elektronische Muziek) studio in Bilthoven near Utrecht

Title Parts

K 45 (Koenig 1964/65). Electronics. 1965
Anthology of dutch electronic tape music. Volume 1. 1955-1966. Donemus CV 7803

[] (title unknown) (possibly K45). Electronics
conceived on the basis of 28 declarations by Hans Koening (?)
produced at the CEM studio Bilthoven and premiered in a concert of electronic music at the Neudeflat in Utrecht, February 1966

[] VG 56. Electronics
suite of seven pieces ending in a curious combination of bells
performed in a concert of electronic music at the Neudeflat in Utrecht 30 and 31 January 1967

[] Genese '67. Electronics
produced at the Studio voor Elektronische Muziek at the Rijksuniversiteit in Utrecht

[] Variazioni con tema. Electronics
realized in composer's studio and Utrecht University

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