Graever (Graver), Johanna Magdalena 'Madeleine' (fem) 1829-?? Netherlands, Amsterdam - ?, ?
concert pianist, studied with Karl August Bertelsmann, David Koning, Ignaz Moscheles and later Henry Litolff, 1851-1853 she resided in Paris to study piano, 4.feb.1852 debuted in a concert at Salle Herz in Paris, 6.oct.1857 she settled with her husband in New York where she worked as pianist and piano teacher, they resided at 105 9th Street, 8.dec.1857 debuted at Niblo's Saloon New York whereafter the Review and Gazette commented 'the best lady pianist who ever came to this country', 1862 they returned to Europe, 5.mar.1863 performed in Paris, 21.mar.1863 with Henry Litolff conducting she performed at Hotel du Louvre Paris, 2.may.1863 appointed pianist to Sophie Queen of the Netherlands in 's-Gravenhage (Den Haag) which she held until at least 1869, 27.nov.1863 gave a concert at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam, 13.feb.1864 performed for HH. MM. den Koning en de Koningin, HH. KK. HH. den Prins van Oranje en Prins Alexander at the court in Den Haag, 8.apr.1866 gave a concert at the Odeon Amsterdam, 24.jul.1869 in the presence of Queen Sophie she gave a concert at Badhuis te Scheveningen, 20.nov.1869 gave a concert at the Buitenhof in Den Haag, 16.jun.1871 gave a soiree musicale at the hotel of Mrs. Sandrach nee Baroness van Capellen in London, she hardly played anything else than Litolff's Grand Trio in d op47 or Concerto symphonique no3 op45 on Dutch national airs ; daughter of Charles Graver ; 26.jun.1856 at St Pancras Parish Chapel in London she married merchant Samuel Johnson (England 1829-) ; daughter Anne (London feb.1857-) ; son Samuel Robert Johnson died of cholera infantum 4 months and 15 days old 26.jul.1858 in New York City

Title Parts

Poesie pour le piano
Arthur Schoonderwoerd at Streicher pianoforte c1850
1 - Liebeslied
2 - Romance sans parole
3 - Souvene vous
Lieder ohne worte. Piano
Constanze Lee
[] 1 - Lied ohne worte no1
[] 2 - Lied ohne worte no2
[] 3 - Lied ohne worte no3
[] Sechs tondichtungen. Piano. op6
pub G. Alsbach & Co., Amsterdam
[] 1 - Ich habe im traum geweinet
[] 2 - Heimkehr
[] 3 - Wiegenlied
[] 4 - Feenreigen
[] 5 - Die freundschaft
[] 6 - Herzensklage
[] Allegro giocoso. Caprice de concert. Piano. op7
dedication: Mademoiselle de Weckherlin
pub B. Schott Sohne, Mainz/London/Paris 1868

[] Grand caprice de concert pour le piano. op8
pub B. Schott Sohne, Mainz/London/Paris 1868

[] Souvenez-vous. Poesie. Piano. op11
pub Weygand & Co., Den Haag 1870

[] Le retour du chasseur. Valse. Piano. op13
pub Weygand & Co., Den Haag 1870

[] Liebeslied. Nocturne. Piano. op14
arr. pour Orgue et Pianoforte par L. J. Lefebre
pub Weygand & Co., Den Haag 1871

[] Trois feuillets d'album pour piano. op16
pub Weygand & Co., Den Haag 1871
pub London 1876

[] Le reveil de printemps. Piano
pub G. Brandus et S. Dufour, Paris 1865

[] La ronde des fantomes. Piano
pub G. Brandus et S. Dufour, Paris 1865

[] Romance sans paroles. Piano
pub B. Schott Sohne, Mainz/London/Paris 1868

[] L'attente. Piano
pub Alphonse Lesigne, Paris

[] Souvenir de bonheur. Piano
pub Alphonse Lesigne, Paris

[] La Chasse. Piano
performed by Madeleine Graever at Dodworth's Saloon, Broadway 19jan1858

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