Grainger, George Percy Aldrigde 8.jul.1882-20.feb.1961 Australia, Melbourne Brighton - USA NY, White Plains

Title Parts

Country gardens. BFMS22
Danny boy (Irish tune) from Country Derry. BFMS15 and BFMS29
Youthful rapture. 1901
Molly on the shore. BFMS23 and BFMS19
Lincolnshire posy. 2 Pianos. BFMS34 and BFMS35
Fantasy on a theme from Porgy and Bess. 2 Pianos
Green bushes. Paraphrase on an English folksong. BMFS12 and BFMS25
To a nordic princess. Piano
Leslie Howard

Handel in the strand. Piano
Leslie Howard

Colonial song
Symphony Nova Scotia / Georg Tintner

Rustic dance
Symphony Nova Scotia / Georg Tintner

Free music number one. 4 Theremins
Lydia Kavina

[] Jungle book 3 - Nightsong in the jungle
9 - Tiger! tiger!
Polyphony / Stephen Layton
2000-10-28 22:37:18