Green, Mary 'May' Ella Thompson (Mrs. William C Green) 3.jul.1873-11.jan.1924 USA Maine, Portland - Portland Gorham
mezzo soprano singer, actress, singer with the Savage Opera Company Portland, 1892 she became member of the Rossini Club Portland and was until her death member of the Marston Club Portland, 1915 residing at Mast Landing Portland, 1917 with her husband owner of Pine Tree State Amusements Company at 75 Market Street Portland, buried at Evergreen Cemetery Portland ; daughter of carriage maker Zenas Thompson (Portland 6.aug.1836-23.may.1915 Portland) and Charlotte Frances Hay (Portland 2.feb.1840-3.jan.1909 Portland) ; 17.jan.1901 in Portland she married bass singer James Parker Coombs (Maine, Augusta 6.jun.1869-22.feb.1936 Great Kills NY), they had 2 children and divorced 1915 ; 23.dec.1916 in Portsmouth New Hampshire she married promoter amusements William Crisp Green (England, Kings Lyn 28.apr.1878-)

Title Parts

[] Dear old Maine. Song
words and music Mary Thompson Green
published by Pine Tree State Amusements, Portland, Maine 1922
State Federation song of the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Maine

[] Little blue pigeon. Song
ms Portland Public Library

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