Howard Grow 'Gro', Josephine Barrelle nov.1857-23.apr.1921 USA NY, New York - California, San Francisco
pianist, 1871 residing with her parents at 18 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, 1874 in Chicago, 1890-1915 her regular job was writer and journalist in a New York City newspaper office, 1900-1910 contributor to the New York Clipper theatrical journal, 1891 she had gained recognition as writer, painter and composer, protege of singer Lillian Russell, 1891 as Josephine Grow residing at 374 Columbus Avenue Manhattan, 1893 she had a luxurious piano studio/workshop in New York named 'the Den' full of antique, paintings, etchings, porcelains, bric-a-brac, persian curtains, a floor of inlaid wood and some rare musical instruments, an old violin, guitars and mandolins, 20.jan.1893 she appeared at the Palestine Commandery 18 Knights Templars reception at Carnegie Music Hall, 1.may.1893 she was in charge of the music booth at the New York Press Club fair at Grand Central Palace dressed in 'gray bengalino made with a fulled flounce from the knee with a band of green velvet around the bottom, a trimming embroidered in green chenille which consists of bars of music the notes being about an inch long, it encircles the skirt and reaches up on one side and ends under a rosette of silk moss fringe, on the waist there are lapels and on one of these is embroidered a musical symbol in emerald beads', by 1894 her music was heard in theatres, from bands, by hand organs in the streets and on phonographs, 1894 as Josephine Grow residing at 139 West 49th Street Manhattan, 1896 she bought a New England Piano, 1897-1905 residing/active in San Francisco, 1897 as composer Mrs. Josephine Grow at 334 O'Farrel Street, 26.jun.1897 she made a visit to Los Angeles, 1900 as journalist with daughter Hazel residing at 202 West 102nd Street in Manhattan, 1910-1915 as author/writer of literature and also named Josephine H Grow residing at Shoreham Road in Brookhaven Long Island, 1920 as Josephine Howard residing at 1427 Larkin Street in San Francisco where she was working on a book of children's songs at Mills College, she died at Mt Zion Hospital ; daughter of miller George Wilson Barrelle (England, Norfolk 1830-13.nov.1886 Chicago) and dressmaker Madame Barrelle (England 1838-) ; she was a relative of J H Johnston manager of the Pittsburgh Exposition 1889 ; 5.sep.1877 in Chicago she married railroad cashier James H Howard (Ohio, Circleville 1846-) ; son Mark Howard (Chicago 1879-) ; daughter child prodigy violinist who studied in Germany and Italy Hazel 'Helga' Howard (Chicago 9.feb.1881-24.mar.1969 Santa Clara ; 27.dec.1904 at All Angels Church in New York married to oil merchant Robert Lee Rose of Lynchburg Virginia) ; after being widowed she married Grow from whom she was soon widowed again (before 1890)

Title Parts

[] Tell me where old things go. Song. Medium voice and piano
words and music Josephine Gro
pub Hitchcock & McCargo Publishing Co., New York 1890

[] Imagination caprice. Song and dance
dedication To Eleanor
written for Pauline Hall's production of "Amorita" and "Erminie"
pub Benjamin W. Hitchcock & McCargo Publishing Co., New York 1891

[] The prodigal son "There was an old man and he had two sons". Comical ballad. Voice and piano
words Bill Nye
as sung in "Isle of Champagne" by Thomas Q. Seabrooke, by permission of George W. Floyd, manager for the Cadi
pub Benjamin W. Hitchcock & McCargo Publishing Co. Ltd., New York 1891

[] Yorke dance
published in the New York Herald 1891

[] Buzz, little bee. Song
written for and sung by the late (1894) Annie Pixley
pub William A. Pond & Co., New York 1892

[] Keystone march
dedicated to the teachers and pupils of the Pittsburgh public schools
pub William A. Pond & Co., New York 1892

[] Something more. Gavotte. Piano
pub William Pond & Co, New York 1892

[] Grasshopper dance. Orchestra
written for the thirth act of the American production of "La Cigale"
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1892

[] La Promenade. March
pub William A. Pond & Co., New York 1892

[] Incandescent galop. Orchestra
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1892

[] La tambourine. Mazurka. Song
pub William Pond & Co, New York 1893

[] Stolen kisses. Waltz. Piano
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1893

[] (title unknown). Josephine Gro collaborated with Wendell Stanton Howard on a new comic opera April 1893
[] I am not as tough as I look. Topical song
written for the play "A Society Fad" performed in Gotham 28jan1893

[] Press Club souvenir march. Quick-step. Piano
dedicated to the president and associate officers of the New York Press Club, Grand Central palace, May 1893
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1894

[] Little wooden shoes "The World Bread Fund song". Ballad. Medium voice and piano
words Lillian Mentor
pub William A. Pond & Co., New York 1894
pub T. B. Harms & Co., New York 1894
the proceeds of the sale were donated to the World Bread Fund charity that served 7000 loaves of bread to the poor every Sunday morning
Josephine sold 300 copies among her friends, representing 600 loaves of bread
the song was released on phonograph by Edison, sung by Theresa Vaughn, Raymon Moore and others, and the Automation Piano Company produced a piano roll of the song

[] She lost her popularity "My sister went upon the stage". Comic song
sung nightly by Lottie Gilson, the "Little Magnet"
pub Harry Pepper & Co., New York 1894

[] The Sultan's Patrol. San Francisco Exposition 26dec1895
[] Hail California. State song. SATB Choir. premiered at Westlake Park, Los Angeles 22nov1896
words and music Josephine Gro
presented to the pupils of the Los Angeles city public schools by Messrs. Blanchard and Fitzgerald
Josephine Gro offered to supply the 40000 copies needed for the distribution to all City schools in California at the price of $1600
dedicated to the people of the Golden State
first line of text: O California, hail to thee!
first line of chorus: Hail! all hail to California!
pub Golden Gate Music Syndicate, San Francisco 1896

[] The married man. Voice and piano. p1900
words Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

[] Mandalay "On the road to Mandalay". Voice and piano
words Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)
copyright Josephine Gro, New York 7may1900

[] With shy brown eyes
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston

[] When the old man sings
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston

[] Busy at the Club. Pantomime and song
written for Lydia Yeamans Titus

[] The polonaise caprice
[] Madame Mephisto
[] Gavotte
[] Kitty's catch. Song
[] La Hazalle. Schottische. Piano 4-hands
engravings: together with Hezekiah McMichael of New York City she made 10 engravings of her daughter Helga Howard, copyrighted by Hezekiah McMichael and Josephine Gro, New York City 9jun1902
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