Grobe, Carl (Charles) 1814-20.oct.1879 Germany Sachsen, Lapeny - USA Pennsylvania, Stroudsburg
pianist, teacher, 1841-1879 published 1998 compositions, c1839 emigrated to the USA where he resided until 1870 in Wilmington Delaware, 1840-1861 head music department of Wesleyan Female College Wilmington, 10.jun.1848 naturalized American, January 1862 opened his school for teachers Musical and Educational Agency at 807 Market Street in Wilmington where he also sold music and pianos, 1862-1870 boarding at Delaware House 513 Market Street Wilmington, 1870-1874 teacher at Pennington Seminary New Jersey, 1874-1879 at Female Centenary Collegiate Institute Hackettstown New Jersey, from August 1879 he was in Stroudsburg, possibly in a hospital, where he died aged 65 of aneurism of the aorta while his office address was 1301 Arch Street Philadelphia, 6.nov.1879 seventeen days after his death he was buried at Ronaldsons Cemetery Philadelphia ; by 1850 he had married Abigail 'Abby' A (Philadelphia 1823-23.nov.1863 Wilmington, bur Ronaldsons Cemetary Philadelphia)

Title Parts

[L] United States grand waltz. Piano. 1845. op43
Ivan Davis

[L] Sweet spirit hear my prayer "Lurline". Piano. 1879. op1998
his last opus

[] Battle of Buena Vista. Piano. op101
[] Variations brillante sur "Vive la Canadienne", melodie nationale Canadienne. op113
[] Allemand (Bords du Delaware). Variations. op137
[] Home, sweet home. Variations. Piano. op207
[] Twilight dews. Variations. Piano. op210
[] No one te love. Variations. op375
[] Shells of ocean. Variations. op384
[] Scenes of delight. Hand, organ polka. Variations. op779
[] Sympathy (Valley of Chamouni). Piano. op784
[] Constant love (Kathleen Mavourneen). Variations. Piano. op834
[] Love's young dream (Within a mile). Variations. Piano. op835
[] Cure for the heart ache (Coralie Polka Sch.). Variations. Piano. op886
[] Questioning eye (We may be happy yet). Piano. op906
[] I've wandered by the hut side. Variations. op915
[] Rosy dreams. Variations. Piano. op917
[] Hail Columbia. Variations. Piano. op962
[] Home, sweet home. Variations. Piano. op964
[] Diamonds. Spanish melody. Variations. Piano. op917
[] Bird waltz. Variations. Piano. op1039
[] Pretty girl milking her cow. Variations. op1466
[] Mother, take me home. Piano. op1886
[] A soldier and a man. Piano
[] Adelaide, de Beethoven. Variations. Piano
[] Adeste Fidelis. Piano
[] Advance. galop. Piano
[] Affection. Waltz. Piano 4ms
[] Aileen Aroon. Soprano
[] Air from Mozarts 12th Mass. Piano
[] Alpine horn. Grand march
[] Ambrosia. Schottische. Piano
[] American hymn (Kellers). transcr. Piano
[] Anchors' weighed. Piano
[] Angel serenade. transcr. Piano
[] Angels ever bright and fair. Piano
[] Annie Laurie. Variations. Piano
[] Annie Lisle. Variations. Piano
[] Arkansas traveller. Variations. Piano
[] Army. Grand march (Glory hallelujah)
[] Auld lang syne. Variations. Piano
[] Aurora borealis. Polka
[] Bachelor's button. Language of flowers. Polka
[] Balsomine. Fantasie. (Language of flowers). Piano
[] Barney, take me home again. Piano
[] Battle of Fort Donelson. Piano
[] Battle of New Orleans. Piano
[] Battle of Port Royal. Piano
[] Battle of Prag. Piano
[] Battle of Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing. Piano
[] Belle Mahone. Piano
[] Belle Mahone's reply. Piano
[] Ben Bolt. Variations. Piano
[] Better land. Piano
[] Blanche Alpen. Variations. Piano
[] Blue Bells of Scotland. Piano
[] Bogie Man. Piano
[] Bohemian Girl. Then you'll remember me. Piano
[] Bonnie Blue flag. Variations. Piano
[] Bonnie Doon. Piano
[] Bonnie Eloise (Thomas J. R.). Variations. Piano
[] Bords du St Lawrence. Piano
[] Bramble. Song without words (Language of flowers). Piano
[] Bright dreams of the past. Variations. Piano
[] Bring me your harp. Variations. Piano
[] Bruce's address. Variations. Piano
[] Buds and Blossoms. Sacred melodies with brilliant variations. Piano
[] Butterfly. Galop
[] By the sad sea waves. Variations. Piano
[] Campbell's are comin'. Piano
[] Canadian boat song. Piano
[] Cantilena (Rogers). Transcription. Piano
[] Carnival a' Naples. Polka. Variations
[] Carnival of Venice. Variations. Piano
[] Carrier Dove. Piano
[] Cheer, boys, cheer. Piano
[] Cherry blossom. Mazurka
[] Child of the regiment. Variations. Piano
[] College hornpipe. Piano
[] Columbia, the gem of the ocean. Piano
[] Come back to Erin. Fantasie. Piano
[] Come home father (Work). Variation. Piano
[] Come with thy lute. SA voices
[] Comin' thro' the lye. Variations
[] Court ball (Strauss and Lanner). Waltz
[] Cowslip. Rondino. Language of flowers with octaves
[] Cypress (Language of flowers). Waltz
[] Daisy. Polka (Language of flowers)
[] Dandelion. Quickstep (Language of flowers)
[] Darling Nelly Gray. Variations. Piano
[] Dearest spot on earth. Variations. Piano
[] Death of Nelson. Piano
[] Departed days. Nocturne
[] Dixieland. Variations
[] Do they miss me at home. Variations. Piano
[] Donna e Mobile. Piano
[] Down the dark water. SA voices
[] Dreaming of home and of mother
[] Duke of Reichstadt's waltz
[] Echoes from the days of yore (Louis)
[] Eve's lamentation. Piano
[] Ever of Thee. Variations. Piano
[] Faded flowers. Variations. Piano
[] Fall of Paris. Piano
[] Fall of Sebastopol, description, fantasie. Piano
[] Faust. Potpourri. Piano
[] Fille du regiment: L'Amite-Rataplan, Salut a la France. Variationa. Piano
[] Fisher's hornpipe. Variations
[] Flee as a bird. Transcription. Piano
[] Flow gently, sweet Afton. Variations. Piano
[] French medley. Piano
[] Freyschutz, Huntman's chorus, Priere
[] From Greenland's icy mountains
[] Gathering home
[] Gentle Nettie Moore. Piano
[] Gertrude's dream. Waltz. Variations
[] Gipsies' festival. Switzer's farewell. SA voices
[] Gipsy countess. Variations
[] Glory hallelujah. Variations
[] God save the Queen, with variations
[] Graceful. Mazurka
[] Had I never know thee. Variations. Piano
[] Hallelujah chorus (Hande1) . Piano
[] Hark! 'tis the Moorish evening drum. SA voices
[] Harmonious Blacksmith. Piano
[] Harp that once thro' Tara's halls. Variations. Piano
[] He doeth all things well. Variations. Piano
[] Heavens are telling
[] Heliotrope. Galop
[] Hold the fort. Piano
[] Home again. Variations. Piano
[] Home memories medley. Piano
[] Honeysuckle (Language of flower). Schottisch
[] Hugenots (Beauties of). Piano
[] Hunter's chorus. Slowly and softly music should flow
[] Hush little baby, don't you cry
[] I'm a merry Zingara. Variations. Piano
[] I know that my Redeemer liveth. Piano
[] I stand on memory's golden shore. Transcription. Piano
[] I'll take you home again, Kathleen. Piano
[] I would that my love. Variations. Piano
[] Jenny Lind. Polka. Variations
[] Juanita. Variations. Piano
[] Juanita. Hark, 'tis the vesper bell, Now at moonlight fairy hour, Thoughts of home. SA voices
[] Katie Strang. Variations
[] Killarney. Piano
[] Kingdom coming. Variations. Piano
[] Kiss me mother, kiss your darling. Variations. Piano
[] Kittle Clyde. Variations
[] Lament of the Irish emigrant. Variations. Piano
[] Last rose of summer. Variations. Piano
[] Laurel March (Language of flowers)
[] Let the dead and the beautiful rest, varied. Piano
[] Life let us cherish. Piano
[] Life on the ocean wave. Variations
[] Listen, tis the woodbird's song. SA voices
[] Little beauty. Polka
[] Little old cabin in the lane. Piano
[] Little ones at home. Piano
[] Little white cottage (Gentle Nettie Moore). Variations
[] Lone starry hours. Variations. Piano
[] Lookout. March. Piano
[] Lora valse. Variations
[] Lorena (american melody). Variations. Piano
[] Love returned. Galop
[] Love's chidings. Variations
[] Maiden's prayer. Variations. Piano
[] March of the men of Harlech. Piano
[] Melodies of the day. Popular airs with easy and pleasing variations. Piano [] 1 - Do they miss me at home
[] 2 - Ricci's favorite waltz
[] 3 - Rose of Allandale
[] 4 - Linden waltz
[] 5 - O dolce concerto
[] 6 - My lodging's on the cold ground
[] 7 - College hornpipe
[] 8 - Bird of beauty
[] 8 - Rocked in the cradle
[] 9 - Silver lake waltz
[] 10 - Virginia Reel
[] 11 - Money musk
[] 12 - Campbells are coming
[] 13 - Bonnie Doon
[] 14 - Buy a broom
[] 15 - Irish washer woman
[] 16 - Bounding billows
[] 17 - Washington's march
[] 18 - St Patrick's day
[] 19 - Dearest spot on earth is home
[] 20 - Old Rosin, the beau
[] 21 - Long, long ago
[] 22 - Blue bells of Scotland
[] 23 - Oh dear, what can the matter be
[] 24 - Girl I left behind me
[] Melodies of the people. Variations on old and new tunes. Piano [] 1 - Home, sweet home
[] 2 - Hail Columbia
[] 3 - Auld lang syne
[] 4 - Her bright smile
[] 5 - Wearing of the green
[] Merrily over the sea (Wallace). Variations
[] Messenger bird, Moon is beaming o'er the lake, Old warrior's address to his son. SA voices
[] Miller's daughter, Life let us cherish. SA voices
[] Mirthful quickstep. Piano
[] Miss Hooligan's Christmas Cake. Piano
[] Mocking bird. Variations. Piano
[] Mollie's dream waltz. Piano 4ms
[] Molly, darling. Piano
[] Moonbeams. Fantasy on melody of W.V.Wallace. Piano
[] Moses in Egyipt. March
[] Murmuring sea. Variations. Piano
[] Music and Her Sister. Duet
[] Music at nightfall. Duet. SA voices
[] Music of the union (american medley). Piano
[] My lodging's on the cold ground, varied. Piano
[] My pretty Jane, with variations. Piano
[] Nectar. Polka
[] Never to meet again. Piano
[] Non e ver. Fantasia. Piano
[] Norma, Casta Diva. Variations. Piano
[] O boys, carry me long. Variations. Piano
[] O, Susanna. Variations. Piano
[] Oft in the stilly night. Variations
[] Old arm chair (Russell). Variations. Piano
[] Old folks at home. Piano
[] Old Hundred. Fantasy. Piano
[] Old oaken bucket. Piano
[] Old playground. Variations
[] Old Uncle Ned. Variations. Piano
[] Only tired. Piano
[] Only to see her face again. Piano
[] Operatic titbits. Variations: In happy moments (Maritana). Still so gently (Sonnambula). O summer night (Don Pasquale). Scenes that are brightest (Maritana). Piano
[] Paul Vane, or Lorena's reply. Variations. Piano
[] Persuasion. Polka
[] Pestal (Yes the die is cast). Piano
[] Petit tambour. Piano
[] Pilgrim of love. Piano
[] Potpourri on Irish airs. Piano
[] Pretty Pond Lilies. Piano
[] Refuge (Hays). Brilliant variations
[] Robin Adair. Variations. Piano
[] Rochester. Schottisch. Piano 4ms
[] Rock-a-bye baby. Piano
[] Rock, beside the sea. Variations. Piano
[] Rock'd in the cradle of the deep. Piano
[] Rock me to sleep, mother. Variations
[] Rory O'More. Variations. Piano
[] Rosa Lee. Variations. Piano
[] Rosalie the prairie flower. Variations. Piano
[] Rovel. Polka. Variations. Piano
[] Ruth. Piano
[] Sabbath Bells. Piano
[] Salut a Cleveland. Hark! I hear an angel sing. Variations. Piano
[] Santa Lucia. Variations. Piano
[] Scenes that are brightest "Maritana". Piano
[] Scotch Brigade. Piano
[] Shamus O'Brien. Variations. Piano
[] Short and sweet. Galop
[] Sicilian Mariner's hymn. Piano
[] Silver moon. Piano
[] Silver threads among the gold. Piano
[] Simplicity waltz
[] Slowly and softly music should now, hunter's chorus. SA voices
[] Softly fall the silvery moonbeams. Transcription. Piano
[] Softly ye night winds. Variations. Piano
[] Soldier's joy. Variations. Piano
[] Songs that we never forget. Variations. Piano
[] Sophie waltz (Strauss). Piano 4ms
[] Spanish fandango. Piano
[] Speed the plough. Variations. Piano
[] St Patrick's day. Variations. Piano
[] Stabat Mater, Cajus Animam. Piano
[] Star spangled banner. Variations. Piano
[] Still I love thee. Variations. Piano
[] Sunset at sea
[] Sunshine of love. Polka
[] Sweet brier. Potpourri. Piano
[] Sweet by and by. Variations. Piano
[] Sweet Marie. Piano. Sheard.
[] Switzer's farewell. Variations. Piano
[] Syracuse. Polka. Variations
[] Tancredi. Prayer. Piano
[] Tenting on the old camp ground. Variations. Piano
[] Those beautiful bells. Piano
[] Those dark eyes. Variations. Piano
[] To the charge (Watch on the Rhine)
[] To the cottage of my mother. Variations
[] Tolling bell (Approaching Mt Vernon). Piano
[] Tramp, tramp (american melody). Transcription. Piano
[] Trot du cavalier. Piano 4ms
[] Trovatore: Anvil chorus. Variations
[] Two little girls in blue. Piano
[] Union Jack of old England. Piano
[] Verdant fields. SSMSA voices
[] Vesper bell. Piano
[] Vesper Hymn. Piano
[] Vital spark of heavenly flame. Piano
[] Watchman, tell us of the night. Piano
[] We parted by the riverside. Variations. Piano
[] Wedding march (Mendelssohn) . Piano 4ms
[] What is home without a mother. Piano
[] What's a the steer, kimmer. Piano
[] When the corn is waving, Annie rear. Variations. Piano
[] When the swallows. Variations. Piano
[] When you and I were young. Variations. Piano
[] Whippoorwill's song. Variations. Piano
[] White Cockade. Piano
[] Wild ashe deer. Variations. Piano
[] Willie, we have missed you. Variations. Piano
[] With verdure clad. Piano
[] Write me a letter from home. Variations. Piano
[] Yankee doodle. Variations. Piano
[] You've been a friend to me. Variations. Piano
[] Zampa. Prayer. Piano
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