Grundt (Grund), Albert 30.oct.1840-16.dec.1878 Germany, Niemegk - Netherlands, Arnhem
bandmaster, 1871 emigrated to the Netherlands, 26.sep.1871 Mr. Grundt, of Rotterdam, was appointed bandmaster of the corps field-artillery in Arnhem, 1.apr.1872 the military band of Mr. Grundt from Arnhem was committed to the celebrations on 1 April in Rotterdam, at both festivity halls in Brielle, in the Rotterdamsche Diergaarde (Rotterdam Zoo), with dinner in the town hall and with the fireworks outside the Zuidpoort (South Gate), 24.aug.1872 the corps field-artillery under bandmaster Grundt gave a concert at the Buitensocieteit for the members of the Nederlansche Juristen Vereeniging, 5/6.jun.1873 the corps of the field-artillery regiment, which has made much progress under bandmaster Grundt, gave general delight at the agricultural exhibition in the Hoekschen Waard te Oud-Beierland, in the week of 26.jun.1876 the corps field-artillery under bandmaster Grundt was one of ten bands during the Academiefeesten in Utrecht on the occasion of the 240th anniversary of the Utrechtsche Rijks Universiteit 'waarbij de winkel van Sinkel, Maseland, enz. met grootsche gasilluminatien zullen prijken'

Title Parts

[L] Potpourri caracteristique "Den brug over den oceaan". Wind orchestra. 1873
composed with Johan Wilhelm Knoll (1832-)
Dutch National Youth Wind Orchestra / Jan Cober. NM Classics 92080

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