Gurowitsch, Sarah 17.feb.1889-24.apr.1981 USA NY, New York - New York Bronx
cellist, jewish, 1899 studied cello with Hans Kronold and Leo Schulz in New York, 1905 studied under Robert Hausmann at the Konigliche Hochschule in Berlin, 1906 she won the Mendelssohn prize there with Joseph Joachim and Max Bruch as judges, 1908 debuted in Berlin, then toured Germany, played the Eugen d'Albert concerto in Berlin with the composer conducting, 9.jan.1909 aged 19 she left Germany and 26.jan.1909 arrived in New York, 12.dec.1910 American debut with the New York Symphony Orchestra under Walter Damrosch, since 1911 concertizing in the US, 20.mar.1912 in New York, 10.nov.1913 with the People's Symphony Orchestra, 1917 represented by care Music League of America New York, 1920 residing with her husband at 320 St Nicholas Avenue Manhattan, 1920-1925 named Gurowitsch residing with her parents at 2120 Vyse Avenue Bronx, where she probably taught cello, 1930-1940 residing with her husband at 2056 Anthony Avenue Bronx ; daughter of music teacher Harry Gurowitsch (Russia 1864-) and Esther (Russia 1866-) ; sister of musician Frank Gurowitsch (New York City 27.oct.1892-) who 1907-1911 studied in Germany and from 22.apr.1920 made a two month European tour with the New York Symphony Orchestra ; sister of pianist Ethel Gurowitsch (New York City 1897-) ; 1918 she married clothing shop owner Samuel Benjamin Leight (Russia 2.jan.1886-29.may.1970 Bronx) ; son music teacher Lawrence David Leight (Bronx 9.apr.1920-28.mar.2012 bur Farmingdale NY) ; twin sons illustrator Edward Leight (Bronx 7.feb.1923-17.feb.2001 New York) and big band trumpeter Donald Leight (Bronx 7.feb.1923-3.jan.2004 Manhattan)

Title Parts

Variations on Kol Nidrei (All the vows). Clarinet and string quartet. 1918
by Moroz Records Russia attributed to Sarah Gurovich
Dieter Klocker, Flach Quartet Prague. CPO

[] Ribojn ejlom (Ribojn ojlom) (Ribon olam). Solo voice, mixed choir and organ or piano. op2/3
dedication: Meiner lieber Frau gewidmet
music S. Gurowitsch (the dedication excludes Sarah Gurowitsch as the composer)
publisher L. Winz, Berlin 1912
publisher Gesellschaft fur judische Volksmusik, St Petersburg Russia and Berlin Germany 1912
Uebernommen durch Verlagsgesellschaft fur judische Musik "JUWAL"

[] Potschemu (Why). Tenor, violin, cello and orchestra
music Gurowitsch
Dmitry Dobkin, Alexander Schmidt, Alfred Lennartz, Orchestra / Nathaniel Shilkret. 78rpm Victor recording 1924

[] Potschemu
music B. Gurowitsch
Mihail Vavich voice. CD "Grosste Sanger Russlands des XX Jahrhunderts". Moroz Records Russia CD 12

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