Hache, Theodore Felix de la ?21.mar.1822-21.nov.1869 Germany, Dresden - USA Louisiana, New Orleans
organist, choirmaster, piano teacher, born 'de la Hache' but in the US also known as 'von La Hache', 'La Hache' and Lahache, studied composition with Karl Gottlieb Reissiger at the Royal Conservatory in Dresden, 1842 emigrated to the USA [arriving at New York with some fifty young nobles who desired to avoid military duty] [21.jan.1839 a Theodosius Liebgott Hache born 1822 arrived at New Orleans from Dresden as member of the Stephanite Saxon Emigration to Missouri, most of whom remained in New Orleans in 1841 when the land was finally bought], 1846 he had established himself as a successful piano teacher in New Orleans, until 1855 organist/choirmaster of St Patrick's Church New Orleans, 1850 organist of St Theresa of Avila Church New Orleans, 1852 founded the New Orleans Philharmonic Society, 1866 founded the Harmonic Association of New Orleans, 1867 he contracted lead poisoning which paralyzed his right hand, he had to give up teaching and performing and became piano seller and music publisher at 20 Baronne Street while residing at 627 Camp Street, 2.nov.1853 and again on 23.oct.1868 naturalized American, buried at Lafayette Cemetery New Orleans ; son of the french marquis Theodore D de la Hache (colonel in Napoleon's army who was wounded in the battle of Waterloo 1815 and nursed by the young baroness von Manteuffel at the chateau of the Manteuffel's in Dresden) and baroness von Manteuffel of Dresden ; 19.feb.1846 at St Patrick's cathedral he married Maria Amelia Johnston (Louisiana 1827-18.mar.1875 New Orleans) ; son music teacher Theodore jr. (New Orleans dec.1845-c1905 Texas, Sherman) ; son piano dealer Emile Charles (New Orleans 22.feb.1847-1.mar.1925 Memphis) who provided Walter Rose Whittlesey, music historian and librarian of the Library of Congress, with the parentage of his father in 1906

Title Parts

Messe de Ste Therese. Tenor, 3vv male choir and organ. 1855. op421
pub Werlein, New Orleans 1855
pub Schott & Sohne, Mainz c1888
Ad van den Hout, Men's Choir Goirke Tilburg, Harry Swinkels / Jos Vingerhoets. Wim van Gool Recording 220608 Parochieel Kerkkoor Goirke
1 - Kyrie
2 - Gloria
3 - Credo
4 - Sanctus
5 - Agnus Dei
Mass in F. Mixed choir and organ. 1856
pub Schott & Sohne, Mainz c1888
Mixed Choir Goirke Tilburg, Harry Swinkels / Jos Vingerhoets. WvG 220608
1 - Kyrie
2 - Gloria
3 - Sanctus
4 - Benedictus
5 - Agnus Dei
Mass in honor of St Louis. Soprano, alto, tenor, bass, 4vv mixed choir and organ
arr Benjamin Hamma of St Louis mass for 3vv mixed choir of 1856
pub J. Fischer & Bro., New York 1891
Sonja Vriens-Zopfi, Marie Jose Swinkels-Kunzel, Wil de Kort, Kees van Gestel, R. C. Choir Gasgothe Tilburg, Harry Swinkels / Jos Vingerhoets. WvG 220608
1 - Kyrie
2 - Gloria
3 - Credo
4 - Sanctus
5 - Benedictus
6 - Agnus Dei
[] Missa Pro Pace. 4vv Mixed choir and organ. 1864. op644
composed for and nearing the end of the Civil War (12apr1861-9apr1865)
first performance St Theresa Church New Orleans, 9 and 11 April 1865
pub Henry Tolman & Co., Boston 1867
pub Hamilton S. Gordon, New York 1895
- Asperges me
- Tantum ergo
Mixed Choir Goirke, R. C. Choir Gasgothe, Men's Choir Goirke, Harry Swinkels / Jos Vingerhoets. WvG 220608
[] Corpus Christi Mass. SATB and orchestra
[] Mass in honor of St Louis. SATB. arr. by B. Hamma
[] Mass in honor of St Louis. Cornet and orchestra. by F. X. Diller on hire J. Fischer
[] Mass in honor of St Theresa. 3 Male voices and orchestra. J. Fischer
[] Mass in honor of St Theresa. arr. by B. Hamma
[] Gloria from St Therese. Orchestra
[] Unison Mass in F. Men's, women's or mixed voices
[] Unison Mass in G. Unison or SATB
[] Unison Mass in G. with ATB parts added by Hamma
[] Mass in honor of the Blessed Sacrament. arr. by B. Hamma
[] Missa Pro Pace in F. latin & english. 4 Voices
[] Credo from St Patrick's Mass. Cornet and orchestra
[] Messes. published B. Schott & Sohne, Mainz. 1880 [] 1 - Messe de St Therese. TTB and organ
[] 2 - Messe solennelle in F
[] 3 - Messe in G
[] 4 - Messe breve et facile de la Sainte Croix in D. 2 voix egales
[] 5 - Messe de St Louis. ST ou AB and organ
[] 6 - Messe de St Patrick, ST ou AB
[] 7 - Messe de Corpus Christi. SBar ou AB
[] 8 - Messe jubilaire. SATB
[] 9 - Grande messe festivale. MTB
[] Alone. Song. op31
[] Picnic. Polka. op102
[] Near the banks of that lone river. Melody. op112
words George Pope Morris
dedication: To Mrs. Henry C. Watson of New York
pub P. P. Werlein, New Orleans 1854

[] May day, new picnic. Polka. op211
dedication: To his pupil Miss. Rebecca Giles
pub P. P. Werlein, New Orleans 1858

[] Bohemian glass blower. Polka de salon. op409
dedication: A son eleve Madame Gardner Smith
pub Blackmar & Co., New Orleans 1860

[] La plage de la mer. Variations sur le theme favori Shells of Ocean. op497
dedication: a Madlle Fanny Miltenberger
pub P. P. Werlein & Halsey, New Orleans 1861

[] Bonnie blue flag. Improvisation. Piano. 1861
a story about this song goes: When Union General Benjamin Butler occupied New Orleans he issued an order confiscating all copies of the Bonnie Blue Flag as traitorous and made it illegal to sing or perform it. La Hache's house was next door to an encampment of Union officers and one day they arrested La Hache for playing the song. La Hache was taken before Gen. Butler, who pointed to a grand piano and requested he play his outlawed song. La Hache's performance evoked an ovation and Gen. Butler told La Hache "You can go free"

[] I would like to change my name. Civil War song. Voice and piano. op538
pub L. Grunewald, New Orleans 1862

[] Genevieve's doves. Reverie. op552
words Henry Clay McNairy
dedication: To Miss Sue V. McNairy, of Nashville, Tennessee
published by the author, and for sale at music stores, Blackmar & Co., New Orleans 1862

[] Emperor of China's grand march. op583
[] My southern sunny home. Improvisation. Piano. op613
words William Shakespeare Hays
dedication" to Miss Lizzie Henderson
pub Blackmar & Co., New Orleans 1864

[] My soul to God, my heart to thee. Piano. op643
[] The conquered banner. Grand solo for mezzosoprano or baritone with piano. op643
words Abram J. Ryan (upon the surrender of Confederate General Lee)
known as "Requiem for a lost cause"

[] La fleur de lis (Lily). Grande valse characteristique composee pour le piano
dedication: Dediee a son ami Monsieur D. H. Holmes
pub A. Fiot, Philadelphia 1846

[] Grand dedication cantata
pub H. D. Hewitt, New Orleans ; O. Ditson, Boston ; Wm. Hall & Son, New York 1853
performed on the occasion of dedicating the Old Fellows Hall, New Orleans, 22 November 1852
[] Ode 1. Hymn to charity. words G. W. Christy, Esq.
[] Ode 2. The orphan's appeal and relief. words Miss Emma Shropshire
[] Ode 3. The dedication. words G. W. Christy, Esq.
[] Passe partout. Nouvelle polka allemande. New German polka
dedication: To Miss Maggie Thomas, of Cazenovia, N.Y.
pub Ph. P. Werlein, New Orleans 1854

[] Ever of thee. Improvisation for the piano on Foley Hall's beautiful melody
pub J. H. Snow, Mobile, Alabama 1859

[] Parade polka march, as played by the New Orleans Washington Artillery Band
pub L. Grunewald, New Orleans 1861

[] Carrie Bell. Civil War song. Voice and piano
words W. C. Capers
pub Blackmar & Bro., Augusta, Georgia 1861

[] Confederates' polka march. Piano
dedication: To the Confederate Guards, New Orleans
pub A. E. Blackmar & Bro., New Orleans 1862

[] Elegy on the death of Mme. G. T. Beauregard (Elegie a la memoire de Mme. G. T. Beauregard), for the piano forte
Gustave Toutant Beauregard (1818-1893)
pub Louis Grunewald, New Orleans 1864

[] Margrave galop. Piano. Richmond 1864
composed by Eugene Baylor, transposed and arranged by Theodore von La Hache
pub Louis Grunewald, New Orleans 1866

[] Washington artillery. Polka-march. Piano 4-hands
copyright A. E. Blackmar, New Orleans
pub J. L. Peters, New York ; J. J. Dobmeyer & Co., Cincinnati ; De Motte Bros., Chicago ; J. Goggan, Galveston ; J. J. Dobmeyer & Co., St. Louis 1865

[] Faust (Grand waltz in the opera Faust by Gounod). Piano
pub Louis Grunewald, New Orleans 1866

[] Marche elegiaque on the death of Maximilian. 1867
[] Amour et fanatisme. Piano
[] Bacio. Waltz
[] Beloved star. Waltz
[] Blossom. Waltz
[] Brightest eyes. Rondo. Piano
[] Dearest spot on earth. Rondo. Piano
[] Fille du regiment. Piano
[] First love. Redowa. Piano
[] Her bright smile haunts me still. Improvisation. Civil War song. Voice and piano
[] How can I leave thee. Galop. Piano
[] How pleasant, how divinely far. S or A
[] I am dying, Egypt, dying in C major & minor
[] Lee's quick march (Young). Piano 4ms
[] Love and fanaticism. Improvisation. Piano
[] Lucia di Lammermoor. Piano
[] Martha. Piano
[] Nathalie (Labitzky). Waltz
[] New Orleans & Great Northern Rail Road polka
words James Robb Eso

[] Norma. Piano
[] O come let us sing. Quartet
[] Peri. Waltz
[] Sans souci. Galop. Piano
[] Service for the Holy Communion
[] Stonewall Jackson's march. Piano 4ms
[] Take me home. March. Piano
[] Veni Creator. S or A
[] Wearing at the green. Variations. Piano
[] When the swallows homeward fly. Piano
[] Eight prize songs [] 1 - Sweet and low
[] 2 - One heart for me
[] 3 - Where are all the birds that sang
[] 4 - My gentle mother's song
[] 5 - The baby
[] 6 - The flowers
[] 7 - The parting
[] 8 - The serenade
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