Hagen, Elizabeth Joanette (Joanetta) Catherine van 1750-1.sep.1809 Netherlands, ?Amsterdam - USA Massachusetts, Boston
pianist, organist, music teacher, arranger, 1774 the family moved to the USA settling in Charleston but returned to the Netherlands at the outbreak of the Revolution (c1776), 1789 moved with her husband, daughter and son from Zutphen to New York City, where she was active as music teacher and as pianist in concert life, her advertisement of 1792 described her abilities "Mrs. Van Hagen, lately from Amsterdam, respectfully informs the ladies of this city that she intends to teach the theory and practice of music on the harpsichord and Piano Forte with thoroughbass, if desired: also, the principles of vocal music and singing according to the most approved method and present taste in Europe. As she has been for several years organist in the churches at Namur, Middleburg, Vlissingen and Bergen op den Zoom, she also teaches on that instrument, as well church music, as lessons, sonatas, concertos, etc., Mrs. Van Hagen hopes from her theoretic knowledge and successful experience in the science of music, to be as fortunate in the progress of her pupils in this city, as she has been in some of the first families in Holland", September 1796 the family moved to Boston but she remained active in New York for some time, then she joined her husband's Musical Academy at 62 Newbury Street in Boston, 1803 after the death of her husband she moved to Common Street and in 1805 to the corner of Short and Essex Streets in Boston, 1805-1809 organist of the Chapel Church and residing at 7 Winter Street ; daughter-in-law of Peter Albrecht von Hagen (Germany, Hamburg f1740-f1772 ?Netherlands, ?Rotterdam) ; in the Netherlands she married composer Peter Albrecht van Hagen sr. (Netherlands, Rotterdam 1755-20.aug.1803 Massachusetts, Boston) ; son composer Peter A van Hagen jr. (Netherlands 1779-10.sep.1837 Boston)

Title Parts

[] The country maid or L'amour est un enfant trompeur
with variations for the pianoforte or harpsichord by Mrs. van Hagen
music Joannetta Catharine Elizabeth von Hagen

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