Hagen, Peter Albrecht von f1740-f1772 Germany, Hamburg - ?Netherlands, ?Rotterdam
violinist, organist, 12.may.1740 he was soloist in his own violin concerto at a concert in Hamburg, 1772 he was organist in Rotterdam Netherlands, there are also some indications that he was from or has been living in Hanover Germany ; father of composer Peter Albrecht van Hagen sr. (Netherlands, Rotterdam 1755-20.aug.1803 Massachusetts, Boston) ; grandfather of composer Peter A van Hagen jr. (Netherlands 1779-10.sep.1837 Boston)

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). Violin concerto
performed by the composer in Hamburg 12 May 1740

[] Musique militaire a deux clarinettes, deux cors de chasse et fagotto (parts for Clarino primo only)
music Peter Albrecht von Hagen - ? Peter Albrecht of Hamburg
publisher J. J. Hummel, Berlin 17??

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