Hahn, Ludwig 26.nov.1905-1973 Germany, Neumarkt - Kaufbeuren
organist, choirmaster, organist of St Martin in Kaufbeuren, from 1932 he organized vocal concerts in Kaufbeuren together with Hanns Frank (16.apr.1920 founder/director of a singing school in Kaufbeuren which closed 1941 at the outbreak of the war), 1945 after the war he began a small Pfarrsingschule in Kaufbeuren which he expanded into a professional singing school of which he was director until his death, the school further expanded after his death and was named 'Ludwig Hahn Sing- und Musikschule' in 2005 after its refounder Ludwig Hahn (16.apr.1920 is considered the original founding date by Hanns Frank)

Title Parts

Sonne der gerechtigkeit. Choral 4vv
Schonhausenchor Krefeld / Andreas Cavelius

2002-07-18 11:56:46