Halevy (ne Levy), Jacques Francois Fromental Elias 27.may.1799-17.mar.1862 France, Paris - Italy, Nice

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[] La Juive (The Jewess). Opera in 5 acts. Paris 1835

best perf: Marina Poplavskaya s, Dennis ONeill t, Alastair Miles b, Dario Schmunck t, Nicole Cabell s, Joachim Seipp b, Matthew Rose b, Chorus and Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden / Daniel Oren (3h:15min)
[rem Tim: my rating "best perf" is to be credited solely to the incredible voice of Poplavskaya]

good perf: Julia Varady, June Anderson, Jose Carreras, Dalmacio Gonzalez, Ferruccio Furlanetto, Ambrosian Opera Choir, Philharmonia Orchestra / Antonio de Almeida. Philips 4757629 (reissue Philips 420190) (3h:2min)

[rem Tim: 3cd-sets are usually marked as being complete. But a complete performance would take over 4 hours]
Act I
1 - Introduction (Overture)
2 - Te Deum laudamus
3 - Since my lord Leopold by the grace of God
4 - Ah! my father, Ah! I implore you
5 - Si la rigueur et la vengeance (If harshness and revenge)
6 - This wretched crowd which is allways here
7 - Far from your sweetheart
8 - Samuel, so it is you
9 - Let us hurry for time is pressing
10 - Noel! Noel! Noel!
11 - Ah another surprise
12 - These noble warriors
Act II
13 - Entracte (Interlude)
* 14 - O Dieu, Dieu de nos peres (O God, God of our fathers)
15 - Dieu que ma voix tremblante (God let my quavering voice)
16 - On frappe, o terreur! (Someone is knocking, oh horror!)
17 - Tu possedes dit-on joyau magnifique (I am told you have a magnificent jewel)
18 - Mon pere n'est plus la (My father has gone)
* 19 - Il va venir (He is going to come)
* 20 - C'est lui! la force m'abandonne (It is him! I have no more strength)
** 21 - Lorsqu'a toi je me suis donnee (When I gave myself to you)
** 22 - Je vois son front coupable (I see her guilty face)
* 23 - Pour lui, pour moi, mon pere (My father, for him, for me)
* 24 - Eh bien donc, puisqu'ici ma fureur vengeresse (All right then, since my avenging fury here)
25 - What brings you here
26 - Henceforth I accept your attentions as well as your zeal
27 - My sweet lord and master
28 - Ah! This hellish torment is to much to bear
29 - Ballet. Andantino con grazia
30 - Ballet. Allegretto non troppo
31 - Ballet. Allegro marziale e vivo
32 - Sonnez, clairons que vos chants de victoire
33 - To celebrate a hero whose fame I cherish, The most heinous
34 - Je frissonne et succombe
35 - Malediction. Eh bien nobles seigneurs
36 - Vous qui du Dieu vivant outragez la puissance. Ah! Malheur extreme
37 - Sur eux anatheme
Act IV
38 - This is the supreme decree of the Cardinal
39 - Ah! Let my plaintive voice
40 - Madam, the Cardinal is to come to this place
41 - At this moment your daughter is before the council
42 -Ah! Fearfully I beg for mercy
43 - Va prononcer ma mort
44 - Rachel, when the Lords saving grace
45 - God shows me the light
46 - Funeral march
Act V
47 - The council has pronounced a severe sentence
48 - I am to depart this earth
49 - Il est temps! (It is time!)
La magicienne. Opera in 5 acts. Paris 1858
libretto Henry Vernoy de Saint Georges
Nora Amsellem s, Marianne Crebassa m, Florian Laconi t, Marc Barrard bt, Jennifer Michel s, Nicolas Cavallier b, Choir Radio France, National Orchestra Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon / Lawrence Foster

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