Hamilton Wilson, Margaret Fownes 20.may.1902-14.jan.1985 USA Ohio, Youngstown - California, Conta Costa
pianist, ?composer, graduated under Elizabeth Strauss from the Institute of Musical Art New York, 1926 winner of the Walter W Naumburg Prize, 1927 debuted as pianist at Town Hall New York, soloist with the New York Philharmonic under Mengelberg, the New York Symphony under Stoessel and the Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cincinnati and Toronto Symphony Orchestras, 1930 residing at 40 East 10th Street New York ; daughter of Jonathan J Hamilton (Pa, Holidaysberg 30.aug.1862-12.dec.1942 New York) and Sarah Louise Fownes (Youngstown 5.jul.1869-26.dec.1955 New York) ; 11.may.1929 in Christ Church New York she married William Billings Wilson (Washington DC 10.aug.1894-6.jan.1977 Connecticut, Madison)

Title Parts

[] no compositions found by Margaret Hamilton Wilson
the following are works by an unidentified Margaret Wilson
[] When we meet on the Dreamland trail. Song
unpublished, copyright Margaret Wilson 14apr1934

[] I'll never forget, dear. Song
words Margaret Wilson, music M. C. Sax
unpublished, copyright Margaret Wilson 25feb1952

[] Our love. Song
words Margaret Wilson (Margarett Wilson), music Gene Brooks
copyright Margarett Wilson 17nov1958

[] From the time you say goodbye. Song
copyright words and music Leslie Sturdy 6jul1950
copyright words Margaret Wilson 19dec1977

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