Hampson, Harold Philip 16.may.1899-23.jul.1948 England, London Hornsey - Hampshire, Bournemouth
pianist, 12.nov.1899 baptized at St Matthew in St Pancras, studied music at the Guildhall School of Music in London, 1910 residing with his divorced mother and a servant at 11 Falkland Avenue in London Finchley, 1924-1925 official accompanist for the Brighton Musical Festival, 1924-1926 toured as pianist with singer Miss Clarice Mayne, 1934 residing at 43 Albany Villas in Hove Sussex, 1936 at 43 Esplanade in Burnham-on-Sea Somerset, at time of death residing at 3 Glenferniss Avenue in Bournemouth, one of his recreations was motor cycling ; son of schoolmaster Harold Hillyard Hampson (Southampton 6.jul.1870-1949 Birkenhead Cheshire) and authoress/librettist/lyricist Audrey Mayhew Allen (London Bloomsbury 30.apr.1867-19.feb.1949 Bournemouth) who divorced 21.apr.1909

Title Parts

[] The dream of youth
words Audrey Mayhew Allen
pub J. B. Cramer & Co., London 19dec1921

[] Sunshine and shadow
words Colin Grey
copyright music Harold Hampson 22sep1922, renewal 23sep1949

[] Just you
words by L. de L.
pub Chappell & Co., London 25oct1922
copyright renewal Harold Hampson 26oct1949

[] The seaman
words William Gow
pub J. B. Cramer & Co., London 26mar1923

[] Dancing time in Kerry. Song. Soprano and piano
words Henry T. Wale
pub Chappell & Co., London 14aug1923
copyright renewal Harold Hampson 18aug1950

[] My lil' piccanin'
words Herbert J. Brandon
pub Chappell & Co., London 14aug1923
copyright renewal F. W. Brandon and F. S. Brandon and Harold Hampson 18aug1950

[] Do shrimps make good mothers? Comedy song fox-trot
words Audrey Mayhew Allen, music Harold Allen
pub John Goodman & Sons, Birmingham / B. Feldman & Co., London 14jan1924
pub in Staff and tonic sol-fa notation and with extra verses by Tom H. Townson, Lawrence Wright Music Co., London 5may1924
copyright renewal Audrey Allen (words) and Harold Allen (music) 20jun1951

[] Dusky yellow rose. Fox-trot
words Diana Dick, music Diana Dick and Harold Allen
pub in Staff and tonic sol-fa notation, Lawrence Wright Music Co., London 28jun1924

[] It's so mad of me to love you. Song. Voice and piano
words Alan Izzard
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 31dec1925
pub J. Albert & Son, Sydney 1925
copyright renewal Spencer Anson Thompson (solicitor/executor of Harold Hampson) 10feb1953

[] Thinggummybob
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