Hart, James 1647-8.may.1718 England, York - London
bass singer

Title Parts

[] The Tempest or the enchanted island. Dorset Gardens 1674 Act I scene I. comp by Mathew Locke, Pietro Reggio, Mathew Locke
Act I scene II. comp by John Banister, Robert Johnson, John Banister
Act II scene II. comp by Henry Purcell
Act III scene III. comp by John Banister, Mathew Locke
Act IV scene III. comp by Nicola Matteis, James Hart
- Adieu to the pleasures and follies of love. Ariel song comp by James Hart
Act V scene I. comp by Robert Johnson
Sospiri Ardenti. Ellen Delehanty soprano and recorder, Julie Comparini m, Daniel Swenberg lute, Geert Van Gele harpsichord and recorder
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