Harvey, Jonathan Dean 3.may.1939- England, Birmingham Sutton Coldfield

Title Parts

Four images after Yeats. Piano. 1969
Ralph van Raat

Curve with plateaux. Cello. 1982
Frances-Marie Uitti

Bhakti (Devotion). Ensemble and tape. 1982
Ictus Ensemble / Georges Elie Octors
in 12 parts of 3 sections each, 54 minutes total
Tombeau de Messiaen. Piano and tape. 1994
Ralph van Raat

FF (fortissimo). Piano. 1995
Ralph van Raat

Haiku. Piano. 1997
Ralph van Raat

Hommage to Cage.. a Chopin (und Ligeti ist auch dabei). Piano and tape. 1998
Ralph van Raat

Vers. Piano. 2000
Ralph van Raat

Run before lightning. Flute and piano. 2010
Ilonka Kolthof, Ralph van Raat

I love the Lord. Choir. 1976
Groot Omroepkoor / Martin Neary

Come Holy Ghost. Choir. 1984
Nederlands Kamerkoor / Stephen Layton

Song Offerings. Soprano and 8 instr. 1985
Rosemary Hardy, Netherlands Radio CO / Peter Eotvos

The angels. Choir
Holst Singers / Stephen Layton

Marahi. Choir
Cappella Amsterdam / James Wood

Messages. Double choir and cymbal. 2007
Groot Omroepkoor, Netherlands Radio PO / James Gaffigan

Wagner dream. Opera
Claire Booth, Gordon Gietz, Matthew Best, Dale Duesing, Rebecca de Pont Davies, Richard Angas, Charles Hens, Netherlands Opera, Ictus Ensemble / Martyn Brabbins

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