Herwich, Christiaen (Christian) 1609-sep.1663 Belgium, ? - Germany, Kassel (drowned in the river Fulda)
gambist, lutenist, 1633-1639 made a trip to Persia with Duke Friedrich III von Schleswig-Holstein, for a short time musician in the court chapel in Weimar, 1652 engaged at the wedding festivities for Princess Magdalena Sibylla and Duke Friedrich of Sachsen-Altenburg in Dresden, between 1649-1660 shortly at the court of Wilhelm VI in Kassel, September 1663 he was found drowned in the river Fulda in or near Kassel

Title Parts

Stuck voor fiool de gamba. Flute and viola da gamba
from 't Uitnemend Kabinet 1646
Zefira Torna

Sonata "La Chilana"
Hamburger Ratsmusik / Simone Eckert. CD "Dresden 1652" New Classical Adventures 60147

3 Instrumental pieces
Hamburger Ratsmusik / Simone Eckert. CD "Dresden 1652". New Classical Adventures 60147
CD tracks:
14 - Prelude
15 - Allemande
16 - Courante
2002-05-12 17:00:32