Holden, George 8.jun.1806-5.dec.1856 England, Liverpool - Liverpool
organist, conductor, 20.aug.1806 baptized at St Anne in Liverpool, 1823-1856 conductor of the Apollo Glee Club in Liverpool, 1828 residing at Rose Place in Liverpool, 1830-1842 as professor of music residing at 44 Stafford Street in Liverpool, organist of St George's Church in Liverpool, conductor of the Liverpool Festival Choral Society, 14.dec.1847 he conducted the Festival Choral Society at the Music Hall Bold Street in Liverpool where Mrs. George Holden and George Holden junior sang the solos, 1851 residing with his family and 2 servants at 13 Hope Street, 1855 as music teacher residing at 22 Rodney Street in Liverpool, one of his pupils was pianist/composer Joseph Skeaf (Liverpool 10.nov.1836-1.nov.1884 Liverpool) ; son of gunmaker Thomas Holden and Anne ; 3.dec.1827 at St Mark in Liverpool he married Margery Ball (1805-18.dec.1840 Liverpool) ; daughter Ann (Liverpool 5.jun.1826, baptized at St Anne 18.nov.1830), son singer George jr. (Liverpool baptized at St Paul 18.may.1828), son Thomas (Liverpool 10.jul.1832, baptized at St Anne 5.sep.1832), daughter Sarah (Liverpool 1834-), son Richard (Liverpool 1838-) ; 22.oct.1846 at St Luke in Liverpool he married singer/professor of music Mary Holden (Liverpool 1821-) daughter of joiner John Holden

Title Parts

[] Smiling Mirth (prize glee). Glee. ATB Voices
the poetry by James Stonehouse
pub J. Alfred Novello, London 1837

[] Goodnight, a parting glee. Baritone solo, ATB and piano
written expressly by W. Johnson for the music by G. Holden
pub B. Williams, London c1845

[] Have mercy o Lord. Anthem. Bass solo and chorus
from the celebrated motett in D minor "Ne pulvis et cinis" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arr George Holden
pub J. Alfred Novello, London c1850

[] Grant, O Lord. Full Anthem
ftom the Mass Kv192 "Dona nobis pacem" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arr George Holden
pub Wickins & Co., London 1907

[] Church music, consisting of original anthems, services, psalms, hymns, chants, responses, &c. &c., with a selection of the most admired standard compositions of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Himmel, Winter, Dr. Crotch, A. Novello, &c. newly adapted and arranged, with an accompaniment for the organ or piano forte by George Holden
pub J. Alfred Novello, London 1840
Haydn: Plead Thou my cause
Mozart: Grant, O Lord
Haydn: Almighty and everlasting God
Richardson: The Lord reigneth
Hargreaves: Venite, exultemus Domino
Mozart: Have mercy, O Lord
Haydn: Thou hast rebuked the heathen
Taylor: Give sentence with me, O God
Crotch: Hymn for Advent
Novello: Nunc dimittis
Holden: Sanctus and Kyrie
Heine: Hymn for Advent
Anonymous: Hymn tunes
[] George Holden's sacred Music, consisting of full and verse anthems, Kyrie eleisons, psalm tunes and single and double chants, etc. by various authors, with an organ or pianoforte accompaniment. no.1
pub London c1850 (reissue of "Church music")

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