Hollander (Hollaender), Friedrich (Frederick) 18.oct.1896-18.jan.1976 England, London - Germany, Munich
pianist, lyricist, jewish, composer for cabaret and revue in Berlin and 1933-1955 for B-films in Hollywood Los Angeles, where he was also successful as songwriter for Marlene Dietrich and others, 1955 back in Munich Germany his music was no longer popular and 1960 he withdrew from music ; son of Victor Hollander

[Frank/Altmann 1936 gives erroneously born Berlin]

Title Parts

[] Der blaue engel. Film music and songs. Berlin 1930 - Ich bin von kopf bis fuss. Song
- Ich bin die fesche Lola. Song
- Kinder heut' abend da such ich mir was aus
Marlene Dietrich, Orchestra
2001-10-06 10:56:40