Howells, Herbert Norman 17.oct.1892-23.feb.1983 England Gloucestershire, Lydney - London Putney

Title Parts

Regina caeli. Double choir. 1915. op9/3
from Four anthems to the blessed Virgin Mary
Finzi Singers / Paul Spicer

Salve Regina. Double choir. 1915. op9/4
from Four anthems to the blessed Virgin Mary
Westminster Cathedral Choir / James O'Donnell

Rhapsodic quintet. Clarinet and string quartet. 1919. op31
Lars Wouters van de Oudenweijer, Delos Ensemble

Pastoral rhapsody. Orchestra. 1923
London SO / Richard Hickox

[] Hymnus paradisi. Soprano, tenor, choir and orchestra. 1938 1 - Preludio
2 - Requiem aeternam
3 - The Lord is my shepherd
Julie Kennard, John Mark Ainsley, Royal Liverpool Choir and PO / Vernon Handley
Psalm 42 v1-3 Like as the hart. 1941
Sonata. Clarinet and piano. 1946
Michael Collins, Julius Drake
1 - Con moto dolce e con tenerezza
2 - Allegro ritmico con brio
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis "Collegium Regale". Choir and organ. 1951
King's College Choir Cambridge / Stephen Cleobury

Behold O God our defender. Choir and organ. 1952
Westminster Abbey Choir, English CO / Martin Neary

A hymn for St Cecilia. Anthem. Choir and organ. 1961
St Paul Cathedral Choir / John Scott, Andrew Lucas. Hyperion 66678

Chichester Service. Choir and organ. 1967
Ribattuta Choir, Hayo Boerema / Dick Duijst
1 - Magnificat
2 - Nunc dimittis
[] A garland for de la Mare. 11 Songs. Soprano, tenor and piano. 1919 rev1936-1973
words Walter de la Mare
3 - Before dawn
4 - The old stone house
6 - The old soldier
8 - Some one
Catherine Pierard, John Mark Ainsley, Julius Drake
I love all beauteous things. Choir. 1977
Christ Church Cathedral Dublin / Judy Martin

? Psalm 32 Blessed is he whose unrighteousness. Choir and organ
? Psalm 33 Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous. Choir and organ
Salisbury Cathedral Choir / Simon Lole, David Halls

Psalm 37 Noli aemulari. Choir and organ
St Paul's Cathedral Choir, Andrew Lucas / John Scott. Hyperion 11003

Psalm 80 Hear, O thou shepherd of Israel. Choir and organ
Portsmouth Cathedral, Rosemary Field / David Price

Psalm 89 My song shall be alway. Choir and organ
St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral Edinburgh, Duncan Ferguson / Simon Nieminski

A spotless rose. Motet
Gabrieli Consort and Players / Paul McCreesh

[] Missa sine nomine. Mass in the dorian mode. 4vv Choir. 1912 4 - Gloria in excelsis
7 - Sanctus
Finzi Singers / Paul Spicer
Requiem. Soprano, tenor, bass and choir. 1936 rev1980
Cappella Amsterdam / Daniel Reuss
1 - Salvator mundi
2 - Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd
3 - Requiem aeternam I
4 - Psalm 121 I will lift up my eyes unto the hills
5 - Requiem aeternam II
6 - I heard a voice from heaven
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