Hu, Jie-xu f1949- China Sichuan, ?
dizi (flute) player, flute teacher, conductor, 1949 graduated from the northwest to the people of Military and Political University China, 1987 the first to be named the national level actors, member of the Chinese Musicians Association, executive director of the Music Association in Chengdu, vice president of Sichuan Nationalities Orchestra Society, chairman of the Sichuan Nationalities Band will, has been hired as the title of senior judges in Sichuan will (literary series), member of the Chinese nation the music integration Sichuan volume Editorial, deputy chief of mission of the Sichuan Radio folk music, 2004 department of Yongji County, Shanxi Province

Title Parts

Song of the conscripts. Dizi concerto. 1987
arranger or performer on dizi Hu, Jie-xu
Chengdu Chinese Orchestra / Xie Hui Zhan
1 - Chariots rumble and horses grumble
2 - Parents and wives hastily seeing their son and husband off
3 - Briers and brambles grow in villages far and near
4 - Finale
[] Flute (dizi) playing method
with Bian Zhu
People's Music Publishing House 1965

[] Hulusi. Bau playing standard repertoire
with Yi Jia and Yi Zhu
Sichuan University Press Publishing 2000

[] Practical course of bamboo flute
Shanghai Music Publishing House 2011

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