Jackson, Frank Devera (stage name Jaxon, Frankie half-pint) 3.feb.1895-15.may.1953 USA Alabama, Montgomery - California, Los Angeles
vaudeville singer with feminine voice, of African descent, his nickname 'half-pint' referred to his 5'2" height, by 1910 orphaned and raised by his aunt Willie L Taylor Frazier (Alabama 1874-) at 2413 Montgall Avenue in Kansas City Missouri, 22.apr.1918-11.mar.1919 sergeant in WWI, 1917 residing at 2049 Flora Avenue Kansas City Missouri, 1930 a negro theatre actor Frankie Jaxon (Missouri 1892-) and white wife Evelyn (New Jersey 1894-) married 1922 residing at 5149 Calumet Avenue Chicago, 1942 residing with his foster mother Mrs. Willie Frazier at 435 East 48 Street Chicago, 27.apr.1942 he moved to 922 French Street Washington DC, buried at Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles

[his death registration and his grave give his date of birth erroneously as 3.mar.1897]

Title Parts

[P] My daddy rocks me with one steady roll. 1924
music J. Berni Barbour
Frankie 'half-pint' Jaxon, Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band. CD Copulation blues - Hot & Sexy. Trikont 0277

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