Johnston, Archibald c1830-31.aug.1887 USA NY, New York - NY, New York
musician, horse trader

Title Parts

[] Baby mine (Illinois "By thy rivers gently flowing"). Song
words by Charles H. Chamberlain (1841-1894)
words also attributed to Dr. Charles Mackay
first published as "Baby mine", Spear & Dehnhoff, New York 1875
pub A.W. Auner, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 1875
arr for orchestra published by William A. Pond & Co. New York 1879
copyrighted by Clayton F. Summy Co. Chicago, Illinois 23 January 1925
adopted as State song for Illinois 30 June 1925
later arrangement with words by Win Stracke (1908-1991) and music by Norman Luboff (1917-1987)

[] The roses are drinking the dew. Song
[] Flowers from home. Song
? arr of the song "Flowers from home" by Arthur W. French 1878

[] The toilers. Song
[] Ossian's address to the sun. Cantata
[] Adeste fidelis. Soprano and mixed choir
composed by Johnston - ? Archibald
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston

[] Speak to my heart. Soprano, tenor and choir
composed by Johnston - ? Archibald
pub Echo Music Co., Chicago

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