Bland, Dorothy 'Dorothea' 'Dora' (stage name Mrs. Jordan) 22.nov.1761-5.jul.1816 England, London Westminster - France, Paris Saint-Cloud
actress, singer, 5.dec.1861 baptized as Dorothy Bland at the Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields in Westminster, 1774 her father abandoned the family, 1778 her mother had moved to Dublin where her children started their acting and singing career, 20.may.1780 was the first playbill including the name of Dorothy, from before August 1781-16.may.1782 she was engaged by the married promiscuous and violent Richard Daly (since 3.nov.1780 manager of Theatre Royal in Dublin Cork), June 1782 the family fled to England Leeds to escape Daly who got power over the family in a sly way by lending them money and becoming their creditor, 11.jul.1782 she debuted in Leeds for Tate Wilkinson, in Leeds she took the stage name Mrs. Jordan, 2.nov.1882-25.dec.1882 she retired to Hull to give birth to her daughter Frances, September 1885 the family moved to London, 18.oct.1885 debuted in 'The country girl' at Drury Lane Theatre and instantly became a favourite of the public and soon triumphed throughout the United Kingdom ; illegitimate daughter of Francis Bland (Ireland, Waterford 1736-2.jan.1778 France, Dover) and actress Grace Philipps (b. Ireland, Carmarthenshire - d. England, ?Harrogate 1789) ; she never married ; dec.1782 from Richard Daly she became mother of singer/composer Frances Jordan Alsop (Mrs. Alsop) ; 1791-1811 she was the mistress of the Duke of Clarence (1830-1837 King William IV of the United Kingdom), they had 10 illegitimate children, 1811 they separated and she was given a yearly stipend and custody of their daughters, 1814 she lost her stipend and custody because she had returned to the stage, 1815 she fled to France to escape her creditors

Title Parts

[] O stay ye fleeting moments. Song. Medium voice and piano
melody and words by Mrs. Jordan sung at the theatres by Mrs. Alsop and arranged with piano forte accompaniment at her request by A. Clifton
this melody is one of a collection the gift of Mrs. Alsop (the daughter of Mrs. Jordan) to Mr. Clifton shortly before her death
piano part by Arthur Clifton (1784-1832)
published and sold at Geo. Willig's Music Store No.71 Market Street, Baltimore 1824

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