Kellette, John William 8.feb.1875-7.aug.1922 USA Massachusetts, Lowell - Northborough
pianist, lyricist, songwriter, conductor, 1898 he volunteered in the Spanish-American war, 1899-1905 as conductor residing at 286 Main Street in Northborough, 1902 conductor of St. R.R. in Northborough, 22.sep.1902 he became member of Siloam Masonic Lodge in Northborough, journalist for the Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram, 1913-1918 residing at 67 Morris Street in New Rochelle, 1915 manager of the Thanhouser Players Theatre in New Rochelle, 1918-1920 residing at 240 West 46th Street and Elks Club 116 West 43d Street in New York City he worked as scenario writer/motion picture director for Thanhouser, Majestic, Universal and Fox (ao 'Merely Mary Ann', 'A modern Thelma', 'Caprice of the Mountains', 'Queen of the Sea'), at time of death still residing at Main Street in Northborough, buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Shrewsbury, Worcester County ; son of William Kellett and Ann Farrell both from Ireland ; 8.feb.1899 on his 24th birthday he married the 35 year old Liza Elizabeth Keegan (Shrewsbury 8.jan.1864-1950 Northborough, bur. Shrewsbury) who at the age of 23 had married the 56 year old Ward Stone Osborne (Stowe 6.sep.1831-11.jan.1895 Shrewsbury), she had no children with Ward and neither with John

[to cover up the age difference with his wife, he added some years to his age, which is why his birth is usually given as 1873]

Title Parts

[L] I'm forever blowing bubbles. Song. pub New York 4jan1919
music Jaan Kenbrovin (pseudonym for James Kendis, James Brockman and Nat Vincent)
lyrics John William Kellette
Mr. Norton on musical saw. Flyback 2003

[] Bubbling over, life is bubbling over all the time
words and music John William Kellette
pub Jos. W. Stern & Co., New York 17oct1919

[] It's all for you. Waltz song
words and music John William Kellette
pub Temple of Melody Co., New York 16feb1920

[] As long as I have you
words and music John William Kellette
pub Temple of Melody Co., New York 26apr1920

[] Last night I dreamed of you
words James S. Donahue
music John W. Kellette and Ribe Danmark
copyright Elizabeth Kellette, Northborough, Mass. 30mar1943

[] Fallen idols
words Alfred Bryan and John William Kellette. copyright 24jun1919
music Richard A. Whiting. copyright 24jun1919
copyright Alfred Bryan, East Orange N. J., Elizabeth Kellette, Northborough, Mass., and Eleanore Y. Whiting, Los Angeles. 26jun1946

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