Kendler, Alfred von (pseud: A. d'Alfred) 19.sep.1829-1894 Austria, Vienna - Vienna
Alfred edler von Kendler, consul general for Sweden and Norway in Vienna, 1859 he continued the banking business of his father, he enjoyed great prestige, had large houses and gave brilliant celebrations and festivities, 1863 with his wife as namesake he founded the LIA rowing club in Vienna, from 1875 his assets declined rapidly and from 1880 he had debts that quickly increased. Despite this, he spent ever increasing amounts for his own household, using the deposited money of his clients, October 1889 still a respected person he caused the greatest sensation both in Austria and abroad when he was arrested for deception, fraud, bankruptcy and embezzling more than three million gulden from his clients and business friends, he was sentenced to seven years in prison and dismissed from nobility ; son of owner Breitensee Castle in Vienna, wholesaler and banker Karl edler von Kendler (1777-1.feb.1859 Vienna) ; he married Cornelia 'Lia' Wurmb (1836-1920)

Title Parts

[] Six Idylles. Piano
music A. d' Alfred [Hofmeister]
music A. d' Alfred [Pazdirek]
music par Alfred noble de Kendler [Wessely]
pub Wessely, Vienna 1865
pub Bosworth & Co., Leipzig
[] 1 - Irma
[] 2 - Berta
[] 3 - Valerie
[] 4 - Louise
[] 5 - Lia
[] 6 - Lisa
[] Bluette. Piano
music A. de Alfred [Hofmeister]
music A. d' Alfred [Pazdirek]
pub Wessely, Vienna 1865
pub Bosworth & Co., Leipzig

[] Gemuthstone. Idylle fur pianoforte und zither
music Alfred von Kendler [Wessely]
pub Wessely, Vienna 1873

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