Kinkel, Maria Johanna (nee Mockel) (fem) 8.jul.1810-15.nov.1858 Germany, Bonn - England, London
pianist, conductor, poet ; 13.oct.1832 in Bonn she married the Cologne music publisher/bookseller Johann Paul Mathieux but left him after a few months because he restricted and abused her ; 22.may.1843 in Bonn she married the poet Gottfried Kinkel (Bonn 11.aug.1815-13.nov.1882 Zurich), after her husband escaped from a life imprisonment they fled to London, she died from a fall from a window, suspected to have been suicide

Title Parts

[T] Die beiden bruder. Baritone and piano
from Rheinsagen und lieder pub Bonn 1940
Gunther Massentheil, Monica Hoffmann

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