Knaifel, Aleksandr Aronovich 28.nov.1943- Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Title Parts

Set me as a seal upon your heart. Cello and choir
Mstistlav Rostropovich, Washington National Choir / Norman Scribner

Chapter eight "Canticum canticorum", make me drunk with your kisses. Cello and choir. 1995
Mstistlav Rostropovich, Washington National Cathedral Choristers and Lower School Chorus, Choral Arts Society / Norman Scribner. Teldec 10160

[] A Silly horse. Song cycle. Soprano and piano. 1981
on poems of V.Levin and F.Solasko
- Mr. Croaky
- A Silly horse
Tatyana Milentieva, Oleg Malov. Megadisc 7844
Shramy marsha (Scarry march). Piano and tape. 1988
Oleg Malov. Megadisc 7855

In air clean and unseen, stanzas with Tyutchev. Piano and string quartet. 1994
Oleg Malov, Keller Quartet. ECM New Series 1763
1 - In some exhausted reverie
2 - An autumn evening
3 - In air clear and unseen
Lux aeterna. 2 Cellos and voices. 1998
Thomas Demenga, Patrick Demenga

Angel. Choir
Lege Artis St Petersburg / Boris Abalyan

O heavenly King. Soprano and piano
Tatyana Melentyeva, Oleg Malov

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