Knapp, George Edwin 10.jan.1886-28.nov.1967 USA West Virginia, Martinsburg / 1900-1910 Illinois, Bloomington / 1920-1930 Wyoming, Laramie - Oregon, McMinnville
baritone singer, choral conductor, 1903-1906 studied singing with William Beard in Chicago, 1913-1914 teacher voice and director of music at Cedar Valley Semenary Osage Iowa, 1914-1918 teacher voice at Central State Normal School Mt.Pleasant Michigan, 1920-1930 professor of voice and director of the music department University of Wyoming Laramie ; son of capitalist George Knapp (Mass, Westfield 23.jan.1842-29.aug.1925 Bloomington) and Mahala 'Hallie' Berry Shank (20.jan.1847-7.mar.1934 Bloomington) ; 20.oct.1910 in Emmetsburg Iowa he married Pearl Melissa Segrist (Nebraska 20.mar.1884-), divorced with 2 children ; 30.aug.1930 in Denver he married Laura Cordelia Powell (8.sep.1903-) who studied at the University of Wyoming in Laramie

Title Parts

[] Wyoming, the Wyoming state song
words judge Charles Edwin Winter (1870-1948) 1903
music Earle R. Clemens
copyrighted by Earle R. Clemens and Charles E. Winter 1913
published by the Wyoming Publishing Company, Casper, Wyoming
unofficially adopted as state song for Wyoming

George Edwin Knapp composed a new melody for the poem of Charles E. Winter
published and copyrighted by the Richter Music Company, Casper, Wyoming 1920
this version was officially designated as the state song 15feb1955

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