Kokoity (Kokoiti) (russian: Kokoyev), Aslan 1915-?? Russia Georgia, Tbilisi - ?, ?
violinist, of Ossetian nationality, studied violin at Tbilisi Conservatory, concertmaster of the Palialiashvil Opera and Ballet Theater Orchestra in Tbilisi

Title Parts

[] Rhapsody. Violin and orchestra
I. Brailovsky, North-Ossetian PO / Pavel Yadykh. Melodiya D 21071

[] Dance of the enthusiasts. Orchestra

[] Dance of the courageous. Orchestra

[] Kosta. Symphonic poem

[] Pioneer suite. Orchestra

[] (details unknown). Songs on poems by the Ossetian poet Sergey Hatsyrty (b. February 1918 - d. October 2007 in Vladikavkaz)
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