Kolline, Theodore (ne Kolin, Feodor) apr.1893-23.oct.1953 Poland, Warsaw - USA California, Los Angeles
pianist, conductor, teacher, coach, writer on music, 1907 choirboy at Westminster Abbey London, studied piano with Ferruccio Busoni in Vienna, voice with Raymond von zur Muhlen, 1909 debut as pianist, 1913 as composer, 1915 as conductor, conductor of the International Orchestra London, 26.oct.1923 emigrated from London to San Diego, MusD from the Theosophical University in Washington DC, PhD from Societe des Beaux Arts in Paris, 28.nov.1923 American debut at Katherine Tingley's Spreckels Theatre San Diego, 1923 musical director at Isis Conservatory in San Diego, won the medal of the Pan-American Institute for Hispanic music, teaching methods John Dewey School, Michio Ito and Elise Dufour, president of the Beethoven Society of America 'Hearth of Friendship' in Hollywood, founder Academy of Esthetic Synthesis, lecturer on music and art, teacher of Lionel Barrymore (composition), Lew Ayres (composition), Ginger Rogers (voice, piano), John Carroll (voice, drama), Cathy Downs (drama), Lloyd Brooks (drama), Jackie Horner (piano), freelance composer for motion picture background music, 1948 residing at 119 South Detroit Avenue Los Angeles, buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, his only heir was composer Joy Milane Burns ; 13.oct.1949 in Los Angeles Santa Ana he married his pupil in voice and classical dance Renee (1928-), 11.feb.1950 Renee suited for divorce on charge of cruelty, simultaneously Theodore suited for divorce also on charge of cruelty and the return of his property worth $3500 which Renee made of with

Title Parts

[] The call of the world. Piano. San Diego 1923
[] Garden dance. Piano. San Diego 1923
[] Spring dance. Piano. San Diego 1923
[] Symphony no1
[] Symphony no2
[] Symphony no3
[] Voice of India. Orchestral suite
[] Gengis Khan. Symphonic poem
[] Preludes romantique
[] Preludes primitives
[] The dance of life (dance forms of 12 nations)
[] Homage to the masters
[] Piano trio
[] Piano quartet
[] Piano quintet
[] Primavera. Ballet
[] Radium. Ballet
[] Tchort. Ballet
[] Salome. Incidental music for Wilde's play
[] Hanschandra. Hindu opera
[] The concubine drinks (Chinese). Operetta
[] Lafayette (French). Operetta
[] Last night of the fiesta (Spanish). Operetta
[] The man in the moon (Viennese). Operetta
[] The man from the moon. Operetta (the first science-fiction operetta). 1948
libretto and lyrics Joy Milane (claimed by her in 1975)
copyright music and lyrics Joy Milane 27jan1975
copyright libretto Joy Milane 22apr1975
- Soldiers of the guard
- Call of romance
- I'm the man from the moon
- The wedding march
- Song of the villagers
- The wonder of you
- These lonely hours
- Come, sing me
- Minuet. Instrumental dance
- Our rendezvous is over
- Snug little home in the moon
- The Scaffold awaits him. Dirge
- The magic pig
- You're always a princess to me
- Seize him!
- Though I am innocent
- Shall we marry now?
- Our secret love
- That's why I dance
- Rub-a-dub-dub
- Lucky, lucky princess
- The old lowe and toe new
- Our bundle from heaven. Lullaby
- Another waltz
writing: Secrets of music. 1927
writing: A new music. 1937
writing: 3 scripts on the life of Franz Liszt. 1946
Dec 1960 his only heir Joy Milane Burns filed a $25 million suit against Columbia Pictures Corp for producing the film Song without end (1960) from the 1946 scripts on the life of Franz Liszt by Theodore Kolline, Jan 1966 the court ruled in favor of Columbia

writing: The divine conflict. 3 Act musical drama on the life of Liszt. 1947
writing: Poems. 1947
writing: Life and work of Beethoven. 1947
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