Krause, John 23.apr.1854-29.mar.1936 Russia Bessarabia, Tarutino (now Ukraine, Tarutyne) - USA Wisconsin, Madison
amateur violinist, of German parents, studied languages at the German University of Borpap in the Baltic provinces, taught in high schools in the Crimea, 1876 on the death of empress Catherine, germans had to leave Russia and his parents sent him to the USA where he settled in Yankton South Dakota, 1891-1905 owner and editor of the Dakota Frei Presse, 1896 widowed residing with daughter, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and servant in Yankton, 1909 he moved with them to Madison, 1909 as real estate agent residing at 1021 Johnson Street, 1920 as lands&loans agent and 1923-1936 retired at 2016 Jefferson Street, buried at Forest Hill Cemetery under auspices of Madison Masonic Lodge No.5 ; 1.may.1884 in Madison he married Frances Massing (Madison 1863-21.mar.1895 Yankton) ; daughter Lenore (Yankton 7.sep.1885-4.nov.1957 Madison) ; daughter Cornelia (Yankton 1890-23.oct.1895 Yankton) ; after the death of his wife he lived with his mother-in-law Christine Massing until her death 12.jan.1922 and his sister-in-law Louise Massing (known as Mrs. John Krause) until her death 27.may.1934

Title Parts

[] Hymn to Wisconsin. Chorus
words and music John Krause
he first wrote new words to the music of "On Wisconsin" but later wrote an entirely new melody to make it more suitable for choral rendition
published and copyrighted by John Krause, Madison, Wisconsin 19jun1928

Mary M. Adams also wrote a poem titled Hymn to Wisconsin, copyrighted 1901, published in "Sonnets and Songs" by G. P. Putnam's Sons, The Knickerbocker Press, New York 1901
Mary Jane Mathews Adams (1840-1902 Wisconsin, Madison) wife of Charles Kendall Adams (Vermont, Derby 24jan1835-1902 Wisconsin, Madison) President of Wisconsin University

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