Kriens, Christiaan Pieter Wilhelm sr. 18.may.1853-9.jun.1925 Netherlands, Den Haag - Haarlem
clarinetist, bandmaster, studied violin, clarinet and music theory at the Koninklijke Muziekschool in Den Haag, 1868-1880 clarinetist in Utrecht, London and Lugano, 1880 in the Paleis Orkest Amsterdam, 1881 at the Sachsen court in Dresden, 1881-1884 conductor of the Bilse Orchestra Berlin touring Germany and Russia, 1884-1888 luitenant/bandmaster of the Schutterijkorps in 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), 1.jan.1886 clarinetist Ch. L P Kriens became member of the Nederlandsche Toonkunstenaars Vereeniging (his initials were shuffled with those of his brother L P Kriens), 1889-20.feb.1920 bandmaster of the Haarlem Stedelijk Muziekkorps, 1891-1916 teacher clarinet at the Koninklijke Muziekschool in 's-Gravenhage (Royal Conservatory in Den Haag), 1895-1919 his band Stedelijk Muziekkorps played weekly at the concert hall Brongebouw and the gardens of the Wilhelmina-bron 'Kur-Ort' at the Frederikspark in Haarlem, and at the Paleis voor Volksvlijt and Natura Artis Magistra in Amsterdam, 1915-1923 he resided at Groote Houtstraat 62 Haarlem, died at hospital St Joannes de Deo at the Velserstraat Haarlem, buried at Westerveld Cemetery in Velzen ; he married prima donna of the Royal Dutch theatre Elizabeth Jacoba (1854-18.jan.1932 Haarlem) ; brother of Lodewijk Pieter Kriens ; father of Martinus and Christiaan jr.

Title Parts

[] Marche du cortege. Military band
Haarlemsch Muziekkorps / Ch. P. W. Kriens. Natura Artis Magistra, Amsterdam 17dec1905

[] Cremer-Marsch. Military band
performed at the feast of the Koninklijke Letterlievende Vereeniging "J. J. Cremer" at the Haarlemschen Schouwburg 14oct1910

[] Feestmarsch. Military band
dedication: Opgedragen aan de Letterlievende Vereeniging "J. J. Cremer" te Haarlem t.g.v. haar 10-jarig bestaan. Jaar van compositie 1891
Haarlemsch Stedelijk Muziekkorps / Ch. P. W. Kriens

[] Concertmarsch. Military band
Haarlemsch Stedelijk Muziekkorps / Ch. P. W. Kriens. Natura Artis Magistra, Amsterdam 7apr1895

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