Kriens, Martinus 'Martin' Christiaan Everardus 27.feb.1880-12.dec.1914 Netherlands, Amsterdam - France, Amiens
pianist, studied at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, he was repetiteur or bandmaster consecutively in Boulogne-sur-Mer France, Mons Belgium, Maurice on Madagascar, Cairo Egypt and Oran Algeria, 1.nov.1903 he traveled with an opera company to the USA which he conducted at the French Grand Opera in New Orleans, 31.jul.1906 he traveled from Haarlem to New York City where his home was at 243 West 44th Street, 1911 settled in Paris as bandmaster, he was member of the Societe des Compositeurs in Paris, 1912 he won the 3th prize among 1700 contenders in a competition for a hymn to the aviation, he died as naturalized frenchman in battle as volunteer in the french army ; son of Christiaan sr. ; brother of Cristiaan jr.

Title Parts

[] Chanson. Voor zangstem en piano. Voice and piano
words J. de Grayville
dedication: Opgedragen aan Emmy Kloos
publisher Van Eck, 's-Gravenhage

[] Abschied, fur eine Singstimme mit klavierbegleitung. Voice and piano
words Emanuel Geibel
publisher Van Eck, Den Haag

[] Heritier normand. Piano
pub Ed. Bonaventure, Caen, France b1910

[] Il l'avait suivie. Piano
pub Ed. Bonaventure, Caen, France b1910

[] Chansons de Stad
publisher Stad, Paris / Caen 1903
[] - Abandonnee. Lamunts. Lamento
[] - Chichi-chique. Chansonnette
[] - Dans un sapin. Diction a voix
[] - Envolee. Diction a voix
[] - Helas. Tout passe. Chansonnette
[] - Heritier normand. Symphonologue
[] - Il l'avait suivie. Chansonnette
[] - Illusions. Romance
[] - Partant pour la Normandie. Chansonnette
[] - Passionnee. Valse lente
[] - Petits bruts. Chansonnette
[] - Pourquoi. Diction a voix
[] - Sous ton Ciel d'azur. Rondeau
[] - Toujours prudente l'Avocate. Chansonnette
[] - Trop promt retour. Chansonnette
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