Kusevitsky (Kussevitsky), Sergey Aleksandrovich (french/american: Koussevitzky, Serge) 14/26.jul.1874-4.jun.1951 Russia, Vishny Volochyok (now Kalinin) - USA Massachusetts, Boston
double bassist, publisher, 1905-1909 lived in Berlin after his second marriage to the wealthy Nataliya Ushkova, 1921-1928 organized the Koussevitzky Symphony Concerts in Paris, 1924-1949 conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1941 naturalized American

Title Parts

Double bass concerto in f sharp. op3 1 - Allegro
2 - Andante
Andante cantabile and Valse miniature. Double bass and piano. op1/1 and op1/2
Gary Carr, Harmon Lewis

Chanson triste. Double bass and piano. op2
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