Lange, Gregor (Langius, Gregorius) c1545-1.may.1587 Germany Brandenburg, Havelberg - Breslau (now Poland, Wroclaw)
cantor, 27.may.1570 matriculated at the University of Wittenberg, 1573 matriculated at the University of Frankfurt am Oder, 1574 cantor in Frankfurt am Oder, 1580 he had to give up this post because he had contracted severe paralysis, 1583 he lived at the expense of patrons in Breslau, he died after two years at the Hieronymus Hospital in Breslau

Title Parts

Ich will des Herren zorn tragen. Motet
Schola Stralsundensis / Maurice van Lieshout. CD "Petitiones Cordis". Ramee 1208

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