Lange, Ernst Julius Paul 4.aug.1826-17.jul.1905 Germany Prussia, ?Frankfurt an der Oder - USA Wisconsin, Dodge, Randolph
pianist, organist, 1849 graduated from College and until 1854 principal of a school in Franfurt an der Oder, 1853 he had a piano made by a famous Silesian piano maker, after using it many years he traded it for 80 acres of land in Adair county Iowa, 29.jun.1854 emigrated from Frankfurt an der Oder to the USA settling as musician and music teacher in Burlington Iowa, 18.jul.1859 naturalized American, 1860 he founded the Turner's Singing Society and was organist of the Congregational Church for 15 years, 1865 with vocal music teacher E A Van Meter (1830-12.sep.1889) he established music house 'Old Iowa Music Store' 'Lange & Van Meter' on Third Street next to the Barret House in Burlington, 1875 for health reasons he sold his interest and started orchard and vineyard farming in Union Iowa, 1888 back in Burlington he founded with John C Minton the music house 'Lange & Minton' pianos, organs, sheet music etc., 18.jun.1889 he played the organ at a concert by the Burlington Turner Society for the benefit of the victims of the Johnstown catastrophe, 4.aug.1889 he celebrated his sixty-second birthday with the rendition of a choice musical program at his home at West Avenue Burlington, 10.sep.1889 the exhibition of Lange & Minton was a principal attraction at the County Fair in Burlington with a rare collection of musical instruments valued $3000 (Kroeger, Kabler, C A Smith and New England pianos, 3 Packard organs, Chaplette organ, Washburn guitars, Gamunder violins, etc.) while Mr. Paul Lange and assistants gave splendid concerts, 1890 he was elected Des Moines County Clerk, 1897-1900 residing at 1408 Central Avenue, 6.oct.1903 Lange & Minton went bankrupt, 1905 he sold his farm in Union and spent the winters with his son Otto in New Mexico, buried at Hall Cemetery Randolph Wisconsin ; son of farmer Eli Lange and Christiana Olrich ; 1853 in Germany Frankfurt an der Oder he married model Friederike Emilie Dupuis (Prussia, Muncheberg 15.dec.1830-24.nov.1897 Burlington) ; they had 9 children of which only 4 living in 1897: Herman (Burlington 22.nov.1855-) who continued the farm in Union ; Carl E (1867-) who continued the Lange Piano store in Burlington ; Otto T (1865-) who went in mercantile business in Watrous New Mexico ; Paul jr. (Burlington 20.mar.1868-7.apr.1965 Wisconsin, Elkhorn) principal of the Deaf and Dumb Institute in Evansville Indiana and Delavan Wisconsin who was 7.nov.1892 in critical condition from typhoid malaria but lived for 97 years

Title Parts

[] Iowa. Song
words S. H. M. Byers 1867
Beyers, poet of Iowa, received his inspiration in Libby prison, Richmond Virginia after he was taken by the enemy in the battle of Lookout Mountain 1863
also sung to the tune of "O Tannenbaum"
set to a different melody by Paul Lange 1867
pub Bollman & Schatzman, St Louis, Missouri 1867
adopted as State song for Iowa 20 March 1911

[] Lucile. Rondo. Piano
pub Lange & Minton, Burlington, Iowa 1892

[] Saint Croix polka. Piano
pub Lange & Minton, Burlington, Iowa 1892

[] My darling waltz. Piano
pub Bollman Bros. Music Co., St Louis, Missouri 1893

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