Langey, Otto 20.oct.1851-16.mar.1922 Germany, Leichholz (now Poland, Drzewce near Swiebodzin) - USA NY, New York
cellist, arranger, studied with Specht in Sorau, Ullrich in Halle, 1866-1871 with Cabisius in Bremen, 1872-1874 theory and composition with W Fritze in Liegnitz, 1877 moved to London where he played in orchestras under Halle and Hans Richter and conducted operas and concerts, 1889 moved to America and toured with the Boston Symphony Club, settled as music teacher in New York City, 1909 arranger of orchestral music 'Galaxy of Orchestral Music' for G Schirmer, writer of tutors 'Langey Tutors' for 28 different instruments, 1918 residing at 35 West 93rd Street New York

Title Parts

[L] Panamericana. Morceau caracteristique. 1901
music Victor Herbert, arr Otto Langey
Eastman-Dryden Orchestra / Donald Hunsberger

[] 2 Schottische tanze. Orchestra. op21
[] Arabian serenade. Orchestra. op24
[] Mandolinata. Orchestra. op37
[] Liberty overture. Orchestra
[] 3 Oriental sketches. Orchestra
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