Lebeau, Alfred Auguste Camille 17.sep.1835-25.may.1906 France, Paris - Paris
pianist, organist, mainly harmonium, publisher, 26.oct.1835 baptized in Paris, 1857 he gave concerts on harmonicorde at Hotel de Paris in Trouville-sur-Mer, organist of Saint Ambroise in Paris, in concert life of Paris he was primarily admired as a virtuoso on the harmonium, 1877 he took over the music publishing firm of his father, 1890 he resided at rue Saint Augustin ; son of music publisher Nicolas Francois Lebeau (1805-1877) and Heloise Genevieve Pouyallet ; 23.feb.1865 in Paris he married Felicie Marguerite Delacourt ; brother of composer Henri Lebeau

Title Parts

[] Aubade. Harmonium. 1869. op35
[] Ronde du Guet. March. Harmonium. op37
[] Meditation religieuse sur un Ave Maria de P. Bensit. Piano, organ and cello. 1878
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