Leopold, Edward Alvin 17.may.1867-23.aug.1936 USA Connecticut, New Haven - Canada Quebec, Sherbrooke
baritone, vocal teacher, music editor of international reputation, graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music and Theatre in Dresden Germany, studied composition with Felix Draeseke in Dresden and voice with August Iffert in Dresden and Renato Brogi in Florence Italy, 1884-1896 as stenographer (1885 as professional bicyclist) residing with his parents at 7 Brown Street in New Haven, 1897-1898 as musician with his widowed mother residing at the home of his brother 'special flash light' photographer George H Leopold (New Haven 16.nov.1868-) at 186 Bradley Street in New Haven, 1899-1936 as vocal teacher residing with his mother at 890 Chapel Street in New Haven, with studios in New Haven and Hartford, 1915 concert manager of Woolsey Hall, Yale University New Haven, 1911-1932 he made ship cruises and holiday trips to Europe, Venezuela, San Francisco, Bermuda once or twice a year, he died at Sherbrooke Hospital, buried at Evergreen Cemetery New Haven ; son of carriage trimmer Edward F Leopold (Saxony 5.mar.1840-27.dec.1896 New Haven) and capitalist (after having been widowed) Clara J Huke (Prussia 11.jul.1844-3.jan.1925 New Haven) ; he never married

Title Parts

[] Connecticut state song. Song
words Ida Townsend-Green
pub and copyrighted Loomis Temple of Music, New Haven, Connecticut. 1913
this has never been the official State song for Connecticut
the official State song for Connecticut is Yankee Doodle

[] Love's question. Song
[] Love's answer. Song
[] Her heart belongs to Yale. Song
[] If. Song
words W. W. Whitelock
pub John Church Co., Cincinnati Ohio. 1903

[] Little flower. Song
pub John Church Co., Cincinnati Ohio. 1903

[] Could'st thou but know. Song
words Ida V. H. Townsend
pub Edward J. Hogben & Co., New Haven 1910

[] When memory wakes, sweetheart. Song for medium voice
words L. Bosworth
pub Edward J. Hogben & Co., New Haven 1910

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