Lindberg, Nils Per Olof 11.jun.1933- Sweden, Uppsala
jazz pianist

Title Parts

[J] Curbits
Swedish Modern Jazz Group. Nils Lindberg piano, Allan Lundstrom t-sax, Lars Gullin bt-sax, Sture Nordin bass, Conny Svensson drums. r1960. Caprice 22050

[J] Ars gratia artis
Nils Lindberg piano, Eje Thelin trombone, Sture Nordin bass. r1963. Caprice 22050

[J] Symfoni no1 "Concerto 63"
Swedish Radio Unterhalningsorchester. Nils Lindberg piano, Lars Gullin bt-sax, Rolf Billberg a-sax. r1963. Caprice 22050

[] O mistress mine. A garland of Elizabethan poetry. 1990 2 - The passionate shepherd to his love
3 - Shall I compare thee to a summers day
8 - To Anthea who may command him everything
12 - To Lucasta on going to the wars
Baltic Sea Festival Choir / Gustaf Sjokvist
2004-02-21 17:01:50