Linley, Thomas jr. 'the younger' 7.may.1756-19.nov.1778 England, Bath - Lincolnshire, Grimsthorpe
violinist ; son of Thomas sr.

Title Parts

[] Violin concerto in F. 1772 - Adagio
- Rondo
Elizabeth Wallfisch, The Parley of Instruments
[] The song of Moses. Oratorio. 2 Sopranos, tenor, bass, choir and orchestra. 1776 Final chorus. To ages shall thou stretch thy's way
J. Gooding, S.Daneman, A. King, A. D. Forbes, Holst Singers, Parley of Instruments / Peter Holman
[] The Tempest. Music for Shakespeare's play production Sheridan. 1777 1 - Storm chorus. Arise! ye spirits of the storm
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