Liu, Zhuang (fem) 24.oct.1932-30.jun.2011 China, Shanghai - USA NY, Syracuse
pianist, studied piano with her father as a child in Hongzhou, graduated in composition under Ding Shande, Sing Tong and Den Erjinin from the Shanghai Conservatory, taught music at Shanghai Conservatory and at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, 1989-2003 taught music at Syracuse University

Title Parts

Piano concerto "Yellow River". 1969
based on the cantata Yellow River of 1939 by Xian Xinghai
piano part composed by pianist Yin Cheng-zong
orchestration by Sheng Li-hong, Chu Wang-hua and Liu Zhuang
Yin Cheng-zong, Slovak Radio SO Bratislava / Adrian Leaper

2002-06-23 18:11:18