Lloyd, Richard Hey 25.jun.1933- England Cheshire, Stockport
organist, 1966-1974 in Hereford Herefordshire, 1974-1983 in Durham

Title Parts

View me Lord, a work of Thyne. Choir
Salisbury Cathedral Choir / Simon Lole, David Halls. Griffin Records 4046

? Psalm 27 The Lord is my light and my salvation. Choir and organ
? Psalm 28 Unto Thee I will cry. Choir and organ
St Bride's Church London / Robert Jones, David Soar

Fill thou my life o Lord my God
The Bede Singer, Ian Shaw / David Hill

God be in my head
The Bede Singer, Ian Shaw / David Hill

Canticles. The Peterborough Service for the evening of Saint Luke
Peterborough Cathedral / Christopher Gower, Mark Duthie, Thomas Moore
1 - Magnificat. Choir and organ
2 - Nunc dimittis. Choir and organ
3 - Prayer and choir responses
2001-10-19 21:17:54