Locke, Matthew c1622-c10.aug.1677 England, Exeter - London

Title Parts

[] Music for his Majesty's sagbutts and cornetts. Songs and dances. 1661 - Air, corantt
- Orpheus with his lute
- Almand, saraband
- Wrong not your lovely eyes
- Alman, corantt
- To a lady singing to herself at the thames' side: Sing forth sweet Cherubim !
- Almand
Suite no2 in C
from The broken consort part II
The Locke Consort

Suite no5 in g 1 - Fantasy
2 - Courante
3 - Air
4 - Sarabande
Suite no7 in g
from The Little Consort
La Beata Olanda: Claudia Hoffmann violin/pochette (dance master's violin), Gerald Stempfel recorder/gamba, Thorsten Bleich theorbo/lute/guitar, Tina Speckhofer harpsichord. Carpe Diem 16273
1 - Pavane
2 - Ayre
3 - Courante
4 - Sarabande
Lucinda wink or veil those eyes. Soprano and theorbo
Carolyn Sampson, Elizabeth Kenny

Concerto in F. String quartet
from Consort of fowre parts
Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin / Georg Kallweit
1 - Fantasy
2 - Courante
3 - Air
4 - Saraband
[] The Tempest or the enchanted island. Dorset Gardens 1674
Matthew Locke contributed dances and instr pieces
Act I scene I. comp by Mathew Locke, Pietro Reggio, Mathew Locke
Act I scene II. comp by John Banister, Robert Johnson, John Banister
Act II scene II. comp by Henry Purcell
Act III scene III. comp by John Banister, Mathew Locke
Act IV scene III. comp by Nicola Matteis, James Hart
Act V scene I. comp by Robert Johnson
Sospiri Ardenti. Ellen Delehanty soprano and recorder, Julie Comparini m, Daniel Swenberg lute, Geert Van Gele harpsichord and recorder
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