Loughlin, Gerald Francis 11.dec.1880-22.oct.1946 USA Massachusetts, Hyde Park - Washington DC
geologist, amateur musician, 1899-1903 Bachelor of Science in geology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston Cambridge, 1906 doctorate from Yale University New Haven Connecticut, 1906-1912 taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1912-1946 geologist in Washington DC, before and during his college years he became a proficient flutist and was engaged in amateur and even professional orchestral work, he also sang and played the piano, active in college musical shows and composed music as well as verse for several of them, contributed to the musical scores and took part in shows of the Pick and Hammer Club of the Geological Survey, active in vocal training and leading choral activities ; 1906 in Boston he married Grace Elizabeth French (Boston feb.1882-)

Title Parts

[] A scientific king. Comic opera. Boston 1903
libretto Gerald Francis Loughlin
music with William Johnston Bay, Frank Sheridan Farrell and Leyland Clement Whipple (see their respective entries)
all students at the Institute of Technology Boston in 1903 and members of the Music Club
publisher Institute of Technology, The Tech Show, Boston 1903
- Best school of all
- Petition song (words Rosswell Davis)
- Willemite (words Rosswell Davis)
- March of the men of technology
- Janitors' chorus
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